Trellidor Level 3 Lockdown FAQs Answered

Is Trellidor open for operation during lockdown?

The Trellidor factory in Durban was certified to open for the production and distribution of security barriers at the start of the Level 4 phase of Lockdown. Operations have been resumed under strict lockdown regulations, at less than full capacity and using the prescribed hygiene protocols. This is to protect our staff, suppliers, transport partners and security staff as well as our customers from the COVID-19 virus.

Trellidor franchises around South Africa are also open for business, but again, this is under strict rules. They are certified to attend to emergency call outs and repairs or replacements of security products as an emergency supplier of security products. They are also able to consult on the phone or through virtual platforms. If any Trellidor franchise staff enter your home or business premises, they will follow all health and safety guidelines set down by the government to protect customers (and themselves) from COVID-19.

International Trellidor franchises are following the COVID-19 rules of the country in which they are based.

Can I get physical Trellidor consultations during lockdown?

If you have an emergency security situation, your local Trellidor franchise is permitted to visit your home to measure for, advise on and repair or replace security products. They will follow strict hygiene protocols as prescribed by the World Health Organisation while in your home to ensure that you and your family are safe from COVID-19 and also to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

Trellidor staff members sanitize their hands before entering your premises. They will wipe down all surfaces and product that they have installed, repaired or handled. They will not shake your hands for your safety and their own. They will wear a mask at all times.

Can Trellidor assist me for emergency installations?

Yes, your local Trellidor franchise can assist you with emergency installations. They can measure the openings that need to be secured under emergency conditions and the factory is open to manufacture your emergency security products. Your Trellidor franchise will then install your emergency security products once they have received these from the factory. They will follow all WHO prescribed safety rules during this process.

Have Trellidor prices gone up since lockdown?

No, Trellidor product prices have not gone up since lockdown began. In fact, it is quite the opposite. We know that budgets are tight in many households as a result of the national COVID-19 Lockdown, so Trellidor is offering some excellent discounts going into the winter season. Contact your nearest Trellidor franchise for more information on these specials.

How safe is Trellidor?

Trellidor security barriers are highly rated in terms of strength under attack. Even our budget-friendly products are stronger than similar products from other suppliers. We believe that everyone has the right to be safe at home and work, and this is only possible with good quality, purpose-made security barriers. All our products are custom-made to fit properly and provide the best security possible. We acknowledge that nothing is impenetrable when it comes to career or opportunistic criminals, but we are a responsible manufacturer and endeavour to provide you with the best security that the technology of the time and your budget allows. This is especially important during the national COVID-19 Lockdown when we’re spending so much time at home. It will be just as vital as the country opens up again.

What are the COVID-19 safety measures that Trellidor has put into place?

Trellidor has instituted a protocol for sales consultants, installation teams and on-site visits by Trellidor staff. Here is how we’ll ensure that you are not exposed to any risk when we visit your home to measure up to prepare a quote and then when we return to install your products once they’ve been custom-made for you.

On-site visit protocols

  • When we make the appointment for our sales consultant or installation team to visit your home, we advise you that our staff will be using the appropriate hygiene measures prescribed by the World Health Organisation.
  • Trellidor staff members sanitize their hands before entering your premises.
  • They will wipe down all surfaces and product that they have installed, repaired or handled.
  • They will not shake your hands for your safety and their own.
  • They will wear a mask at all times.

If at any time you are unhappy with their procedures, you are welcome to point this out to them and request them to rectify this or call the Trellidor franchise owner.

The Trellidor factory also follows all legislated safety protocols, including a deep clean of the factory before it opened up for manufacturing again.

What is a Trellidor virtual consultation?

At Trellidor our aim has always been to give you top notch security and the best customer service, even during lockdown. Since closing our factory to comply with Covid-19 regulations we’ve had to find innovative ways to stay in touch with our customers.

So, we’ve made full use of all the digital tools available. We’ve had virtual consultations with customers around the country; lots of chats with many of you via our website Bot; and for the technophobes, we’ve had telephone conversations.

Our factory and nationwide franchises are now open but we will continue to consult virtually to keep everyone as safe as possible. Through the use of video or phone calls we can recommend products for your doors and windows; give you security advice; and quote on measurements that you give us.

Book an appointment with one of our Trellidor experts and ask us whatever you need to know about how to stay safe at home using our tried and tested products. It’s a free service. And we have some awesome winter specials to sweeten the deal!

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