Trellidor innovations a hit at the Jo’burg Homemakers Expo

Trellidor Poly Bar made its first public appearance at Homemakers Expo Jo’burg

Visiting the Trellidor stand at the Jo’burg edition of the Homemakers Expo was very interesting this year. Not only was there a new section built into the stand to accommodate a Trellidor Poly Guard unit, there were also changes to existing products.

The sales staff and franchise owners were kept busy explaining and demonstrating how all the new innovations worked. A busy, buzzy stand always attracts more passers-by so the vibe was great as people stopped to see what it was all about.

Trellidor Poly Guard makes its debut

The Trellidor stand had two proper windows fitted with Trellidor Poly Guard burglar proofing, plus a TV monitor displaying a video that shows how it’s fitted.

The video showed the attack tests Trellidor had done to test the strength of the see-through Trellidor Poly Guard. It was an impressive demonstration of this product’s strength. Polycarbonate bars are not suitable security barriers for high crime areas and they don’t compete with products such as Trellidor Cottage Guard in terms of strength, but it certainly holds its own.

Framed for strength

The reason is that unlike competitor versions, this invisible burglar proofing design is framed and fixed into the substrate around the window rather than the window frame. There are other built-in strengthening features but these need to be seen first-hand, so if you haven’t seen it already then pop into your local Trellidor showroom and have a look.

One of the main attractions of this clear security barrier at the show was that it’s ideal for estates. Jo’burg is full of these developments, which explains all the interest in Trellidor Poly Guard on the stand. The bars are see-through and hardly noticeable, so they don’t violate Body Corporate rules about burglar proofing.

New innovations to old favourites

The other new developments shown for the first time at this expo were not as dramatic looking but just as important.

Trellidor has a new lock that will be fitted to most of the Trellidor Retractable security gate models and there were samples of these on the stand for visitors to play with.

The existing locks are still some of the best on the market, but this one takes advantage of new technology. It looks good too, because it lies flush on the gate’s surface instead of sticking out a bit on each side. It is virtually tamper proof and there are new developments in terms of keys too.

Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters were also in the news as they will all be installed with reconfigured Trellidor motors designed for SA conditions such as our unreliable power grid. There are lots of exciting options and features which your local Trellidor franchise would be only too happy to explain.

Contact your local Trellidor franchise for more information

If you’re curious about any of the new developments or products, please don’t hesitate to phone your local Trellidor franchise. The launch of Trellidor Poly Guard to franchises countrywide is just about complete so they’ll soon be able to show you samples, whether it’s in their showrooms or on a site visit to your premises.



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