Trellidor Clear Guard Proves Its Worth As Clear Security Bars

Raymond, safe behind his Trellidor Clear Guard clear security, photographed this warthog family contemplating a charge

Wildlife beware! You can’t just muscle your way into a home secured with Trellidor Clear Guard clear security. You’re no match for this security barriers robust strength under attack!

Trellidor Clear Guard clear security bars do the trick at private game lodge

Raymond has a bungalow on a private game reserve that borders the Kruger National Park. In Raymond’s own words:Trellidor Tzaneen and Nelspruit Sales Consultant Raymond Bezuidenhout received an amusing email from a fellow resident at a private game lodge recently. But before revealing its contents, some background:

When the fences surrounding the Kruger National Park were taken down, the game was free to roam wherever it wanted, including through the many lodges in the Timbavati and Sabi Sands regions. Finding a leopard on your veranda at dawn is a thrilling experience, and one that all of us living here wouldn’t change for anything. The down side is aggressive baboons and cheeky warthogs that easily break through insect screens, chicken wire and anything else residents use to try to prevent them getting into their homes. I’ve installed Trellidor Clear Guard security screens to my doors and windows and it has proved to be the answer to resolving the tension between wanting to be close to nature, but not wanting it in our living spaces.

What happens when you don’t have Trellidor Clear Guard clear security bars

One of Raymond’s neighbours on the reserve recently penned the following to him:

Hi Raymond,

As you are no doubt aware the resident camp baboons broke into our bungalow on our last visit. They forced a bedroom window open. The mosquito gauze screen was lying on the floor some way into the room as though they had jumped against it as all the mounting clips were scattered.

A few days later we heard the baboons at your bungalow and I ran over to chase them away. There was a huge bang and loud screeching as though a baboon had been hurt. This happened a second time just as I got close to your bungalow, and as I got there it seemed as though they were throwing themselves against your special gauze screen door to gain entry as they had done at our house. This time however, they just bounced off!

I was pretty impressed that the screens did not give. The force must have been quite considerable as the first thud/bang was audible from our house and the subsequent screams were loud enough to give the impression that the offender had got a deserved klap for his troubles..a bit like running into a wall!!

I thought I should let you know!

Kind regards, Chris

Clear security bars not just an insect screen

The special gauze screen door that Chris refers to is, of course, a Trellidor Clear Guard security door. It isn’t gauze at all it’s an industrial grade, tightly woven stainless steel mesh. No wonder the baboon just bounced off!

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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Trellidor can provide a strong security barrier between you and nature

Raymond’s bungalow with Trellidor Clear Guard clear security bi-fold doors and a fixed triangular unit in the apex of the wall

the ultimate crime barrier

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