Trellidor Clear Guard is the Humane Answer to Monkey Trouble

Mention ‘Trellidor’ and most people visualise either our trellis-style security gates or our Marketing Director, Peter Rawson, standing behind one of our gates as a wrecking ball hurtles towards him.

What many people probably don’t know is that we also manufacture a discreet range of security screens.  Called ‘Trellidor Clear Guard’ it is the solution to the monkey trouble that is making such a nuisance of itself in some areas, including eco and golf estates.


Troublesome monkeys easily kept out of homes

This new product for doors and windows consists of an aluminium frame with a high tensile stainless steel mesh insert. It was designed as an attractive security solution as it allows unobstructed views of the outside while protecting the home’s occupants from break-ins or opportunistic thieving.

Estate residents, however, will be interested in Trellidor Clear Guard’s other attributes, such as its ability to prevent pests like persistent monkeys from gaining access to homes and creating a mess.

The mesh screen acts as a humane barrier but still allows homeowners to enjoy their secure, open living lifestyle.

An image of a Clear Guard panel in a bedroom.

In other parts of the world, such as Australia, this type of product is installed to keep out flies, mosquitoes and snakes. It has proved highly popular because it is so unobtrusive yet highly effective without causing harm. The Trellidor version has been strengthened in various ways so that it will keep criminals out too.

The product is a first for South Africa and there is no comparable design on our market. It originated in Thailand and has undergone a number of tests using international standards. These include salt spray, wind tunnel and solar heat testing.

It surpassed all these tests, which is good news for South African homes where wind, sea air and heat are ever-present.


Weather protection

Trellidor Clear Guard doors and windows allow us to enjoy our long hours of summer sunshine without feeling its direct effects. The mesh screen filters out harmful UV rays, decreasing the internal temperature of the home. It also improves energy efficiency and shields furniture from damaging sun. The mesh screen increases the natural airflow within the home.

If used to protect patios and other outside areas, Trellidor Clear Guard reduces the effect of direct winds, making it ideal for windy weekends when residents don’t want to forgo the braai or simply enjoying the outdoors.

It’s a good looking product in terms of design and the fact that it’s see-through has proved to be a critical selling point. As with all Trellidor products, it is custom-made to fit the door or window style. 

Homeowners are welcome to phone their nearest Trellidor franchise or visit the nearest showroom if they’d like to see the product first-hand.


the ultimate crime barrier

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