Top Window Treatment Choices for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are usually installed to open up an area of your home, bringing in light and lovely views of the garden, sea or countryside outside. It may seem a bit contradictory to fit window treatments or coverings to the glass doors.

But there are times when you need to cover the glass doors. Think about baking hot days with the sun beating through the glass. Or the need for privacy if you live in a busy street or cluster housing. Then there is the ever-present requirement for security too.

What should you use to cover sliding glass doors?

There is a long list of clever ideas, from roller blinds to louvre shutters, retractable security gates and rolling shutters. These can all be used for glass doors, whether they’re windows or doors.

Roller Blinds

These are a popular choice for covering sliding glass doors. There is a huge variety of roller blind designs available, so you’ll easily find the right one for your décor scheme. The range extends from bold prints that make a style statement to gently shades of white and grey that blend into the background.

The reason roller blinds work so well with sliding glass doors is that they roll up out of the way when you don’t need them. They are also extremely easy to keep clean. These blinds don’t gather as much dust as other window treatments because they are rolled up for much of the time.

An image of roller blinds in a bathroom.

There are a few points to note to make sure your roller blinds work well for you.

Firstly, check on the available recess space around your sliding glass door. If it is too narrow to fit the blind inside the recess, make sure you ask for a face-on fit. Otherwise the blind may be in the way when you want to open or close the door.

Secondly, if you have burglar proofing in the same space, this also needs to be considered when your installer measures for your roller blind. Burglar proofing can take up a lot of the recess or reveal space, so again, a face-on fit for the roller blinds may be best.

Thirdly, decide which side you prefer for the cord to hang, left or right. The cord must be accessible, not behind furniture or in a difficult to reach corner.

Many roller blinds can be automated, so this might be a better option for you, particularly if the space around the sliding glass door is tight.

Roller Blind Screens

Roller blind screens consist of a single piece of stiffened material rather than slats. They are also referred to as sheer weave shades, solar shades, or screen shades. These are fabric window shades, not privacy shades. They are used to help block UV rays and reduce energy costs, which is why they’re a good choice for sliding glass doors.

Use roller blind screens as a window treatment for sliding glass doors in kitchens, lounges, dining rooms and for homes with gorgeous views. They filter out the light and heat without blocking your view completely.

There are various colour options and your choice will influence the degree of shading provided.

B-Range of Roller Blinds

The Taylor B-Range of roller blinds is one of the top window treatment choices for sliding glass doors. They have all the features of roller blinds and a few unique characteristics.

These roller blinds find a happy medium between a sheer fabric and a complete block-out. The fabric used allows sunlight to filter through but provides a high degree of privacy. The blinds are finished with a transparent coating that makes them suitable for any room in your home, including moist environments.

Le Reve Roller Blinds

The Le Reve range of roller blinds is manufactured from 100% polyester with a colour co-ordinated foamed acrylic backing. It is part of the Taylor blackout roller blind collection.

This roller blind is used in homes and offices to darken the room. It is manufactured using a textured fabric with a foam coated acrylic backing on the reverse side that blocks out UV rays.

Le Reve blinds can be made for any window size including wider windows, so they’re ideal as a window treatment for sliding glass doors. Install them in media rooms, living areas, bedrooms and rooms that lack privacy.

V-Range Roller Blinds

The V-Range is part of the Taylor blackout blind collection. It is a premium blackout fabric range with no PVC backing and is suitable for roller, panel and vertical blinds. It is used to block the light out of a room and colour choice will influence the degree of light and privacy control obtained.

The fabric used in the V-Range is not only PVC-free but also has anti-fade and crack resistant properties. So, use it in rooms where your sliding glass doors get a lot of sun because it is definitely hardy enough.

Security shutters for sliding glass doors

Aluminium louvre security shutters are gaining in popularity for all doors and windows, not just sliding glass doors. They are an all-in-one window treatment, acting as curtain, blinds and burglar proofing in one beautiful product.

There are many products on the market claiming to be ‘security shutters’ but not all of them are strong enough to resist an attack by someone trying to break in. Trellidor developed their security shutter with internal strengthening features. It is strong even when the shutters are locked but the louvres are open for fresh airflow.

an image of Louvre Shutterss covering sliding glass doors in a lounge.

Security shutters are a great solution for sliding glass doors in the following locations:

  • Estates with strict rules prohibiting burglar bars, because they don’t look like security barriers.
  • Entertainment areas, because you can tilt the louvres to control light, airflow and visibility.
  • Coastal homes, because aluminium is corrosion resistant.
  • Sliding glass windows and doors that get full sun, because you can close them to keep the interior cooler.

Retractable security gates for sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors, whether they’re on doors or windows, are often left open for fresh air and to enjoy the view. These, after all, are some of the main reasons people install them. But this also makes them a security risk.

Retractable security gates in steel or aluminium solve this problem. They slide open and closed, just like the glass doors. This makes them a good match in terms of operation and won’t interfere with the workings of the glass door or window.

An image of a Retractable Security Gate covering sliding glass doors in a bedroom.

Keep these sliding security gates closed and locked to that you can open your sliding glass doors for airflow and the view. You’ll be safe inside and never caught by surprise by intruders.

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