Top Tips To Avoid House Robbery This Festive Season

Festive season house robbery spikes

House robbery always sky rockets over the festive season for a number of reasons. Homes are left empty while the family is away. There is lots to steal because people buy gifts for each other.  We advertise new purchases by putting empty boxes on our verges. We’re less vigilant because we’re relaxed and on holiday.

How to avoid house robbery this festive season

Everyone has an opinion on how to avoid being a victim of house robbery. It can all get very confusing. So instead of giving you a long list of do’s and dont’s to follow, here are a few basic tips that will help you secure your home. After all, this should be our happiest holiday of the year.

  1. Do a thorough check of your existing security doors and burglar proofing. Replace anything that has rusted or weakened because it will be targeted as an easy access point by house robbers. Trellidor franchises offer a free security assessment if you are unsure about your standard of protection.

  1. Make sure every door and window is protected by burglar proofingGood quality physical barriers are the best way of stopping house robbers from getting inside your home. It is very effective if fitted inside each opening instead of outside. This is because robbers have to break through doors and windows before breaking through your barriers. They risk being discovered doing this due to the noise.

  1. Check that all battery back-ups on your security systems are working so they don’t let you down when you most need them or during a power failure. This includes sensor beams, panic buttons, smoke alarms, burglar alarms, driveway gates, garage doors and automated shutters like Trellidor Rollerstyle.

  1. Lock away anything robbers could use to break in, like garden tools and children’s toys. Don’t make it easy for them by leaving these items lying around the garden or patio.

  1. Lock up when you leave home. Whether you’re popping out for a few minutes or leaving for a few weeks away, close and lock all windows, doors, security gatesburglar proofingpatio and passage gates. Robbers only need a few minutes to get inside and load portable items like laptops and TVs into their getaway car.

  1. Lock up when you’re staying home too. The first thing we do when we get up in the morning or home at night is switch off the burglar alarm and open up the house. This is an open invitation to robbers to walk right in. So rather open up windows and doors but keep security barriers closed and locked. Products like Trellidor Retractable make this easy because they let in fresh air and allow you to see what’s happening outside.

If you need help with developing your home security plan, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise or visit the showroom and a trained consultant will give you expert advice.




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