Top Seven Louvre Shutterss Trends

After a harsh and uncertain 2020 people around the world are looking for softer, enveloping interiors. We’re spending an increasing amount of time in our homes, which have become multi-purpose spaces in which we work, live and play. Accordingly, we are looking for warm, inviting surroundings rather than the more clinical interiors popular before the pandemic.

Security shutters are a seamless fit for this trend and here are seven reasons why.

  1. Functional, not frivolous

With serial lockdowns happening all over the world, home spaces have become a larger part of our lives than they were previously. We’ve been able to take stock of what we really need to live comfortably and what is unnecessary clutter or overly pretentious.

Fussy curtains and busy burglar bars now fall into the ‘unnecessary clutter’ category while streamlined aluminium shutters fit the bill in terms of what we actually need.  When used as window treatments, security shutters are complete window shutters. They replace curtains, blinds and burglar proofing in one highly functional product that is also extremely pleasant to look at.

  1. Low maintenance and practical

No-one wants to live in a home that is so prissy that you can’t relax in it, especially now that we’re spending so much time there. Our greatest need right now is to lessen the stress we’re experiencing, so practical products that don’t need much upkeep are high on the list.

Security shutters are perfectly suited for this type of lifestyle. They are robust enough that you don’t have to worry about children (or criminals) damaging them. They are simple to wipe down when dirty or dusty. And they are easy to open and close.

Trellidor Louvre Shutters louvres are tilted by hand, so you can get your privacy levels, air flow and light penetration just right in each room of your home.

  1. Perfect for patios

The digital age has freed us up to work anywhere, so outdoor living has merged with indoor spaces. Many of us hold virtual meetings on the patio while keeping a watchful eye on children playing nearby.  Or we simply choose to work there because of the calming outside view.

Trellidor Louvre Shutterss around the patio can be opened up to reveal the view or kept closed and locked, with the louvres tilted in order to see outside if we need to keep children safely confined to this area.

  1. On-trend colours

Bland colour palettes are on their way out, with characterful colours being chosen to add some warmth and comfort to our homes.

Although crisp white is most often chosen for security shutters, Trellidor offers a wider range of colours that add richness and character to home décor. Take a look at options such as matt black, matt charcoal or matt bronze for shutters that provide some visual fun in your home.

  1. Multi-functional spaces

Now that living spaces are being used for many different tasks, you may want to divide these off at times. This could be to create some privacy, perhaps if someone is working in the dining area while the rest of the family is watching TV. Or if some are in the kitchen cooking while others need to hold a meeting in the lounge.

Security shutters can be integrated into your open plan home to do exactly this. They divide up a room when you close them and open again for a free-flowing space. Trellidor bi-fold security shutter doors, for example, fold neatly to the wall when not required and close up smoothly when required to separate the area.

  1. Unobtrusive security

With the world urbanising at a rapid pace, cluster living is becoming the norm even in countries like South Africa where wide open spaces are a feature of the landscape.

Sometimes these are secure estates with limited access to outsiders. Sometimes they are the cul-de-sacs type of development common in European countries. Sometimes they are exclusive golf or eco-estates found all over the world.

Wherever the cluster home is situated, there may be rules about what you can and can’t do to the appearance of your home. Security shutters are usually fitted internally, so they don’t violate any of these rules. They provide security without looking like security barriers at all, making them totally acceptable in this type of development.

  1. Integrate old and new

One of the biggest trends in interior décor at the moment is the integration of traditional and contemporary design. We are displaying décor items that are meaningful rather than purely fashionable and blending our modern interiors with family heirlooms or holiday mementos.

This way of living is comforting in these uncertain, scary times, and reminds us of what is important in life. Security shutters fit into this trend seamlessly because they harmonise with any home style, from traditional homes to modern industrial loft apartments.

What to look for in security shutters

There are many security shutter designs on the market and they often look very similar. But there are differences you need to be aware of before making your choice.

Trellidor Louvre Shutters has the following features that make them a good choice for all the reasons mentioned above:

  • They are made from low maintenance aluminium.
  • They are neat and streamlined, with no external operating systems.
  • Each shutter is made to fit your door, window, patio or room so the fit is excellent.
  • The louvres can be easily tilted by hand according to your light, airflow and privacy preferences.
  • Every louvre is reinforced internally along its entire length, which makes them strong and hard to break through.
  • They are fitted with a patented Trellidor lock.
  • The locks can be opened from both sides, making them simple to use from inside and outside your home.
  • There is an exciting colour palette from which to choose.
  • The shutters are treated against corrosion, so they last well in coastal as well as inland locations.
  • The shutters are made in a wide variety of formats so that they work effortlessly alongside your doors and windows.
  • Your local Trellidor franchise will provide any advice you need on what format would work best for your needs.
  • The shutters are installed by expert technicians that make sure the shutters are working well before they leave.
  • Trellidor provides dependable warranties and great after-sales service, which is reassuring when you lose keys or need additional shutters that match your existing ones.

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