Top Coroview Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

Coroview is a sectional overhead door that has that ‘wow’ factor. It maximises the use of large glass panels so that light streams into the room and the view of the outside is panoramic. It shows off beautiful new showroom cars to window shoppers and creates visual indoor/outdoor flow when used around a home patio. We answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about these interesting slimline sectional overhead doors.


Are glass Coroview doors safe to use in a home?

Yes, our manufacturing methods ensure that Trellidor Coroview is safe to use in homes. It is also safe to use in offices and motor showrooms. And it is often installed at the entrance to first responder facilities such as fire stations and sea rescue boat houses because they are quick to open. 

The ‘glass’ is actually toughened glass or laminated safety glass. It can also be a combination of the two types.  A unique clip-in system prevents the glass panels from accidentally falling out of the door frame. The glass panels are fitted into the door with a 15mm rebate in accordance with international standards for moving glass panels. 


Does Coroview work like a normal door?

No, because these are not hinged doors. They are sectional overhead doors, similar to garage doors. They rise above you when you open them, and they allow maximum use of the opening space. The doors can be motorised, which makes even very large Coroview doors easy to open and close with minimal effort.

The sectional overhead method of opening is one of the features that attracts people to Trellidor Coroview. By moving up and out of the way, these doors open up the entrance completely. This works well for entertainment areas. In good weather, family and friends can move freely and easily between the outdoor and indoor spaces. In bad weather, the doors are lowered to block out rain and wind. But you can still enjoy excellent views of the outdoors.  


Will my Coroview door look like garage doors?

Trellidor Coroview doors may operate like garage doors, but one of their benefits is that they do not look like conventional garage doors. The large glass panels are a major feature of these doors. They add a modern industrial décor style to selected rooms in a home. They open up the interior and create a feeling of light and space. 

Coroview doors take up less space than you’d expect and allow for more glass. This is because they are made to international ‘Slim Line’ specifications, with profiles that are some of the slimmest on the market. This feature is one of the attractions of Coroview sectional overheads and the reason why they’re used in kitchens, lounges, verandas, and, of course, on garages.



Does the whole Coroview door have to be made from glass? 

No. Standard Coroview door panel options are either 4mm toughened glass or 6.38mm laminated safety glass. But they can be customised according to the customer’s requirements. 

Customisation options include:

  • A combination of toughened and laminated safety glass
  • Toughened glass and armour plating 
  • Obscure or mirror finish 
  • Performance glass which can be tinted in a variety of colours to block out UV-rays but still allow light penetration, internal temperature control and security
  • Glass panels can be replaced with laser cut, perforated aluminium plates 
  • Or solid or perforated infill panels of powder coated aluminium for an attractive, ventilated security door


Are Trellidor Coroview sectional overhead doors weather-proof?

Yes. Coroview is one of the few products of its kind that is properly weather proofed. It is manufactured with interlocking panels, weather strips, rubber seals and slam strips to block out rain and wind. In good weather, the doors open up the space completely using either a standard lift, a high lift, or rising vertically. When the weather changes, the doors can be closed to keep out rain, hail, and wind. 


Do Trellidor Coroview doors last at the coast?

Yes. Coroview door frames are pre-treated against corrosion and powder coated with a UV-resistant polyester coating. This process protects the door against corrosion and UV damage. It also creates a high-quality finish that increases the lifespan of the sectional overhead door. The result is that Coroview can safely be installed in coastal and inland homes or commercial premises.



Find out more about Trellidor Coroview sectional overhead doors by contacting your nearest authorised Trellidor security store. The doors are custom-made for each opening for a proper fit and they’re installed by skilled Trellidor technicians. Your Trellidor consultant will measure the opening where you’d like the door to be installed and discuss with you the options in terms of design and installation.

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