Time to head outside and enjoy a safe summer

Don’t let bad weather or security fears stop you from enjoying the great outdoors this summer.  Use these tips to make full use of your outdoor living area in safety.

An extra room for chilling out

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters solve both the bad weather problem and the security issue in one simple solution.  Fit these shutters to the outer edge of your veranda, where you can roll them up in lovely weather to enjoy your view. 

When the weather turns, bring them down and close up your outdoor space to prolong your stay on the veranda. You’ll be protected from the rain and wind and will have created an extra room for the family to spread out in. 

These rolling shutters are made from aluminium. This makes them light and easy to operate, even when they are not automated. 

Fully automated remote controlled shutters are a bonus, though, because you can open and close them without having to leave the couch. Use the hand-held remote to do this, or you can have a wall mounted control panel.

When the house is unoccupied or it is time for bed, closed Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters are a wonderful security barrier.  Have them fitted to all your external doors and windows for excellent protection against housebreaking.

Lose the pests but keep the view

It may be a crime barrier, but Trellidor Clear Guard certainly doesn’t look like it.  These stainless steel mesh security screens allow in all the good stuff: fresh air, dappled sun and an uninterrupted outdoor panorama. And they keep out the bad stuff: intense heat, irritating insects, hungry primates and housebreakers.

Use Clear Guard security screens:

  • On your patio so that you can keep your glass doors open and take advantage of summery conditions.
  • Fit them to windows so that you can open up and circulate fresh air without worrying about anyone getting in.  
  • Install them on bedrooms that lead outside for lovely indoor/outdoor flow.

Trellidor Clear Guard is innovative technology developed as a high quality security barrier. The see-through high tensile mesh screen is fully framed in aluminium. Each unit is individually designed to match the operation of your door or window.  The security screens can be made to fit anything from sliding and bi-fold doors to sash windows.

Invite the outdoors inside without fear

Trellidor Retractable Security gates fitted to patios let you enjoy glorious summers without having to be on constant alert for possible danger.  Close and lock your gates and you can relax on the veranda, taking in the fresh air and the restful sight of your garden or view.  You’ll be able to clearly see any threats before they get to you.

These trellis-style security gates are designed to take up as little space as possible when stacked to the side. The bottom track can be recessed to avoid accidental tripping.  When the fun is over and life returns to normal, close and lock the security gate so that you’re safe inside.  Gates like these can function as both security barrier and external door on your patio or other outdoor entertainment area. 


the ultimate crime barrier

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