There Are No Short Cuts To Preventing House Robbery

Rushed security solutions can backfire

It is human nature to avoid doing something we really don’t want to until we’re pushed into it by circumstances. Spending our hard earned cash on home security is one of those really don’t want to things. And when we’re forced into it, we often look for the cheapest, quickest solution that could backfire on us later.

This was highlighted recently when a distraught customer took to Facebook to voice their fury after a break-in. They had spent money on security barriers, so were understandably angry that home invaders had still managed to get into their home. To rub salt into the wound, the robbers came back for a second go at stealing from this family.

Steps to avoid house robbery

There were several lesson to be learned from this incident. We’ve covered many of them in previous blog posts, but they are worth repeating here.

  • It is important to thoroughly assess your security measures. Call in experts like your local Trellidor franchise and they will do this for free. You need to look at every opening that robbers could get through; decide how accessible it is; and choose your security according to the level of risk that opening poses.

  • Plan several layers of security. Sadly, it isn’t enough these days to have just one security solution because whichever method isn’t being used at the time the robbers strike will be the one they exploit. For example, robbers often attack in the early morning or early evening when we’ve switched off our burglar alarms. If your security doors are locked, you’ll have more chance of keeping them out. But again, these are often left open when we’re home, allowing robbers to walk right in.

  • Buy the best barriers you can afford for vulnerable openings. Securing every opening in a home is an expensive business. This is why people sometime opt for cheap products or DIY barriers. This is not advisable but is understandable if the openings are inaccessible and you live in a low crime area. It is not okay if the opening is easily accessible and you live in a high crime area. In fact, it is false economy because you are an easy target for robbers, so buy the best you can afford.

  • An alternative is to talk to your Trellidor security expert about fitting a range of products in terms of price. Less expensive products can be selected for inaccessible openings and higher quality, more expensive products can be chosen for doors and windows that are likely to be broken into.

  • Use a reliable service provider that will be around when you need them. Trellidor Durbanville was praised recently by a traumatised customer for being the humans behind the product in their time of need. The Trellidor franchise team went back to the customer’s home several times after break-ins, providing temporary security until their upgraded security gates arrived.

All this requires treating home security seriously and putting in some effort. But the end results are worth it if it means buying more time during an attempted break-in, giving us a chance to call for help or escape through an emergency window. Or to lock ourselves into our safe zones until help arrives.


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