Easy Steps To Help Prevent Break-Ins This Holiday Season #2

Check on your physical security at home before the holidays

Before going on your well-earned holiday break, check on your home’s physical security measures and stay safe at home or away.

Boost your physical security

One of the best ways of keeping criminals out of your home is to put physical security obstructions in their way.  High quality physical security barriers are able to resist a hammering by a determined  burglar. And the last thing he is looking for is a break-in that takes too long or makes lots of noise. Noisy, difficult break-ins mean he could be caught in the act by you, your neighbours or your armed response service.

Steps to prevent a break-in

Before you head for the hills or sea on holiday, make sure:

  • That all your windows and external doors have burglar guards or security gates to block out robber.
  • That you know where all the keys are.
  • That you have security gates next to your sliding patio doors because they often have flimsy locks.
  • All doors that lead outside should have a security gate. These should be fitted inside rather than outside so that it creates an extra layer of physical security for burglars to fight through. 
  • A security gate or roller shutter in the passage provides another layer and helps to create a safe bedroom area. 
  • And don’t forget to put some sort of physical security barrier on every window, even small, high ones.  It’s amazing how creative crooks can be in getting through them.

Physical security barrier tip: If you don’t like traditional trellis-style security gates, opt for the newer designs on the market that are hardly visible but still offer good security.

See more physical security ideas for front doors, patios and windows.

Now all we have to do is get through the next few weeks at work, school or home before getting down to what’s really important:  happy holidays!    


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