The New GriffinGuard – Features, Benefits & More

GriffinGuard is an affordable framed mesh screen custom-made by Trellidor and fitted to doors and windows. It is mainly used to keep insects, animals like monkeys, and human intruders out of a home but it has many features and benefits to explore.


See-through security

It’s annoying that we have to secure ourselves at home because of high crime rates, especially if we have good views that we’d like to enjoy without looking through burglar bars. GriffinGuard security screens are a welcome solution because the mesh panel is see-through. The whole outside view is visible through the screen, so you don’t have to feel hemmed in by your security barriers if you have GriffinGuard on your doors and windows.


Affordable security screens

Trellidor engineers have designed GriffinGuard security screens to be strong and affordable. Even though this product is well priced, you are not missing out on protection from intruders. It is a sturdy security screen that will keep you safe from many threats. All you have to do is make sure your GriffinGuard security screens are closed and locked, especially if you like to leave your doors and windows open for fresh air. 


Unobtrusive protection

Apart from being see-through, GriffinGuard is also a great design that fits seamlessly into any home. It has a neat aluminium frame with black handles and hinges to blend in with the mesh screen. The major benefit of this streamlined look is that it not seen as burglar proofing. This often makes GriffinGuard acceptable for homes in enclosed communities that have a specific design signature. They use this product to keep out monkeys, snakes, baboons, mosquitoes, and other hazards.


Internal climate benefits

A popular feature of GriffinGuard is that the mesh screen offers internal climate benefits. The woven mesh panel allows air to flow inside, but it blocks out strong winds. It also filters out the sun’s harsh UV rays, helping to moderate internal temperatures. Few other form of burglar proofing can boast a benefit like this, and it makes security screens a multi-purpose, cost-effective investment.


Strong security screen

GriffinGuard is frequently installed for features such as keeping wildlife out of homes or preventing mosquitoes from getting inside and annoying people. Or just to prevent the petty theft that sometimes happens in enclosed communities. But it is good to know that these security screens also provide protection from criminals because the mesh is robust enough to resist an attack. Most GriffinGuard screens are lockable using strong Trellidor locks, except for the fixed screen format sometimes chosen for windows as these do not open.


An image of Trellidor GriffinGuard.


Customised GriffinGuard features

Every GriffinGuard door and window unit is custom-made to fit the opening. But there are other ways that they can be customised to customer preferences. For example, the frame can be powder coated in a specific colour. There is a choice of seven popular colours, but special colours are an option. Then if you have more than one GriffinGuard unit, you can choose random keys or you can have them keyed alike (same key for all units).


Corrosion resistant security screens

Those that live at the coast will be pleased to know that the Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances the corrosion and UV resistance of all security barriers manufactured at the factory. This increases the lifespan of the barrier by retaining its quality finish.


GriffinGuard configurations

There is nothing worse than burglar proofing that hinders your use of a window or door. One of the benefits of custom-made products like GriffinGuard is that it is made to fit each home’s doors and windows. This security screen can be made in the following formats according to the measurements the Trellidor consultant takes when preparing your quote:

  • Fixed panels for windows
  • Hinged (casement) for doors and windows
  • French doors and windows
  • Bi-fold doors and windows
  • Slider doors and windows

With all these options available, you’ll be able to have GriffinGuard security screens fitted to all your doors and windows.


Ideas on where to use GriffinGuard security screens

Good-looking security screens are a beautiful addition to any home no matter what the reason for installing them. Whether you need them for protection from criminals, the weather, or natural wildlife, you won’t resent having to fit them to your home. They can be used to:

  • Block access to your home through windows that open
  • Stop intruders entering your home through smashed fixed window panes
  • Prevent entry to your home through open doors
  • Protect doors and windows left open for fresh air
  • Provide clear views of the outside while keeping you safe inside
  • Keep monkeys and baboons out of kitchens and pantries
  • Extend your use of your patio by enclosing it for safety and to avoid insects


When to use GriffinGuard security screens

Because it is not just a security screen, there are many situations when GriffinGuard can solve a problem for you. Here are some more situations when GriffinGuard is the perfect choice for doors and windows:

  • When you’re looking for an all-in-one package of well-priced door and window protection that doesn’t make your home look cluttered or hemmed in.
  • When you live in a secure estate that won’t allow burglar bars on windows and security gates on doors. Security screens do not even look like burglar proofing, so it is usually acceptable in terms of estate rules.
  • When you need privacy from people passing by but don’t want to close curtains and blinds. At most times of the day it is not easy for people outside to see inside your home through the mesh security screen, even though you can see out clearly.
  • When you live in an eco-estate or near a game reserve and want to keep animals, mosquitoes, and other problems out of your home without blocking your views.
  • When you live in a high crime area and have other forms of security but don’t want burglar bars on your windows and gates on your doors. GriffinGuard doesn’t spoil the look of your home at all, so it solves the problem of adding to your safety without looking like burglar proofing.


Where to find GriffinGuard

GriffinGuard is only available from Trellidor, so if you’d like to see samples or visit a showroom to try out GriffinGuard door and window screens for yourself, contact your nearest Trellidor outlet. It is always wise to ‘try before you buy’ and you can get a quote on the costs at the same time.

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