The Mazibuko Family: Part of the History of Trellidor


Trellidor as we know it today is a listed company with a staff complement that runs into several hundreds, plus over 70 franchises in RSA and many more around the world. But like most successful companies, it had humble beginnings in the 1970s as a small organisation with dedicated owners and staff.

The Mazibuko family has been an integral part of Trellidor since the 1980s. Margaret, Goodness and Henry have spent an amazing 32 years with the company so we asked them to share some of their memories with us.


32 years and counting…

“When we started here in the early 1980s the company was owned by Leon Pallas. His partner’s name was Lewis, so the company was called L and L,” said Henry (the ‘baby’ of the family, according to his older sisters Margaret and Goodness!).

“It was a very small powder coating company in Umgeni Road. We then moved to North Coast Road before ending up here in Phoenix Industrial Park. Security wasn’t our only business. We powder coated anything, including lawn mower covers. On the security side, we had one product only and it was a swing gate.”

“Mr Pallas walked through the factory every day when he arrived at work and greeted us all,” remembers Margaret.

“He was a really nice man and looked after his workers. We were told that in his Will he said that whoever buys the company must keep us all on at the same salary.”

Henry recalls that most jobs in the factory were done by hand, even the cutting of security doors using an angle grinder.

“The only machine we had was a flying press that could do it all just by changing the die. Nowadays we are a world-class manufacturer with machinery that allows us to produce so much more.”

Because of their long term experience, the Mazibukos have contributed to the training of new employees for many years.

“The three of us were the only ones left after the 1987 strike, so we helped to train the new young people that joined us,” said Margaret.


The family tradition continues

Some of those young people were their own children. Goodness’ son Ayanda (Leon) has worked at Trellidor for about 7 years and is now a qualified Mill Wright.

Margaret’s daughter Maggie has been with Trellidor for 12 years and works in Aluminium.

“I’m grateful to have been with Trellidor for so long because it has enabled me to provide a home for my children and give them an education,” said Goodness, who was recently medically boarded.

Henry commented that Trellidor provides opportunities to staff members to upgrade their skills and grow within the company.

Goodness and Margaret both started in the Jigging department, while Henry was in Processing. Today Margaret is a Store Clerk; Henry is a Team Leader in Processing; and Goodness was in Assembly and Sorting before she retired in May this year.

Margaret and Henry remain at Trellidor, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!



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