The Main Differences Between Trellidor Rollerstyle Shutters’ Two Models

There are two different types of roller shutters within the Trellidor range. One is ideal for homes, offices, storage facilities and other locations vulnerable to crime. The other looks very similar but has unique technology built into it for highly sensitive sites that require an abnormally high level of protection from a variety of threats.

The two types of roller shutter doors manufactured by Trellidor are named:

  • Trellidor Premium Rollerstyle Shutter and
  • Trellidor Lockdown Shutter

Similarities between these two Rollerstyle shutter models

There are similarities between the two roller shutter doors that can make it confusing to tell the difference. But these common features are also the benefits that come with choosing roller shutters to protect building entrances and exits, doors, windows and as room dividers.

The similarities are:

  • Both are manufactured from high grade aluminium, which is light weight, strong and corrosion resistant.
  • They both have a UV resistant polyester powder coating that ensures a long-lasting finish.
  • Neither of the two roller shutter door models need a bottom track, so there is no tripping hazard once they are fitted.
  • Both roller shutters roll up and down inside compact guide channels that can be recessed into the side walls.
  • They both have horizontal slats that roll up into a compact shutter box when not needed and down into a solid door to block access when required.
  • Apart from recessed guide channels, customers can opt for a reveal fit or a face-on fit, depending on the location and substrate.
  • Each of the roller shutter door models can be automated and remote controlled using a hand-held remote or wall panel.
  • The Premium Rollerstyle Shutter and the Lockdown Shutter can both be retrofitted into an existing opening or designed into a new build for seamless security.
  • Both the shutters are custom-made for the best fit possible in the opening that needs to be protected.

The differences between Premium Rollerstyle Shutters and the Lockdown Shutter

The Premium Rollerstyle Shutter

The differences between these Trellidor roller shutters are mainly in their horizontal slats and the guide channels. And this is influenced by where they will ultimately be used.

The Trellidor Premium Rollerstyle Shutter, for example, is often used to create a safe zone in a home or office building. Or to protect a patio from intruders and weather conditions such as wind and rain. Once down, the Premium Rollerstyle roller shutter curtain provides sound insulation, so it is popular for commercial building interiors where rooms need to be divided up for different purposes.

If fitted to windows and doors in homes or offices, Trellidor Premium Rollerstyle Shutters assist with internal temperature control, lessening the load on air conditioning and other energy sources.

This type of location does not need the same level of security as a jewellery store in a shopping centre. So the first point of departure between the two shutters is that the Premium Rollerstyle has a single wall whereas the Lockdown Shutter has a double wall.

In terms of appearance, the Trellidor Premium Rollerstyle Shutter is made up of one type of slat, stacked one on top of the other. When rolled down for protection, they provide a formidable obstacle to intruders.

These roller shutters have the following options:

  • A choice of motor including solar power, manual over-ride, or battery back-up. A super-fast motor is also available.
  • An obstacle sensor that will stop the shutter from accidently closing on children or pets.
  • The roller shutter can be linked into ‘smart home’ automation systems for integrated security.
  • There is a wide choice of powder coating colours from which to choose.

Aluminium roller shutters of this type are ideal for locations such as windows, doors, entrances from the garage into the house, passages, or staircases, where they help to create a safe haven. In the commercial arena, they are used for access control, reception counters, IT server rooms, and serving counters in canteens, pharmacies, and bar counters.

The Trellidor Lockdown Shutter

At first glance, the Lockdown Shutter looks similar to the Premium Rollerstyle Shutter. But look closer and you’ll see that this is a double-walled shutter, with smaller profiles fitted between each of the wider slats. These narrower slats are called ‘actuators’ and they are part of a mechanism that makes this shutter impossible to force up once closed.

The side guides are also different to those fitted with the Premium Rollerstyle Shutter.  They have rubber inserts that ‘bite’ into the side guides and stop the curtain from being lifted or forced up. As more force is applied, so they ‘bite’ more to prevent the curtain from being pried open.

This non-mechanical locking system does not rely on the motor, so it functions even during power outages. It is also a ‘first’ for South Africa. The only way these shutters can be opened is by using the remote control or the manual override system that is fitted with the shutter.

Exceptionally strong roller shutters like this one need safety features to prevent accidents because it is impossible to lift once locked down. These safety features are:

  • Every Lockdown shutter is fitted with an obstacle detection system to prevent accidental locking.
  • The curtain can be raised by using the remote control to engage the motor or by using the manual override system.
  • An easy-to-use manual override crank handle is provided for emergency opening, such as during a power outage.
  • This crank handle can be removed and stored near the shutter for use during an emergency.
  • The crank handle simply clips magnetically into position when required.

The Lockdown roller shutter is intended for use in extremely vulnerable buildings such as street store fronts, where vandalism can occur during riots or marches. They are also an excellent form of access control for pharmaceutical stores, warehouses with high value products, banks, and weapons storage facilities, amongst others.

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