The ‘Doggy Door’ Debate

Doggy door dangers

Now and again Trellidor franchises are asked to cut a doggy door gap in our Trellidor Retractable security gates.  If they insist upon this, the customer is asked to sign an indemnity form, stating that the integrity of the security gate has been compromised by the doggy door and that this has a knock on effect on our warranties.

Cute customer gets through doggy door

Sometimes the customer just doesn’t understand why we insist on this indemnity, but now we have visual evidence to back up our concerns.  Take a look at these pictures showing the cutest little boy working his way through a doggy door and you’ll see why.

Our intrepid intruder is little Nicolaas, son of Trellidor franchise owners Annamarie and Nici Naud .  Says Annamarie: He showed us just how easily a tiny trespasser can make it through to the other side of the doggy door!

We’ve watched the video that Annamarie took of Nicolaas working out how to get inside through the gap, and we think he’s a very bright little boy!  He squeezes through without bumping his head on the protruding upright, and it required quite a bit of thought to duck down and past it.

The space is very small and an adult is unlikely to be able to get through it, but it is still a worry, especially if criminals use child accomplices.  Please be aware of this if you have pets and want your own doggy door in your security gate!

Contributor: Lindy Barry

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