Snuggle Up Safely Behind Our Doors This Winter


Winter seems to have crept in overnight in many parts of RSA, and with it has come the dark. Our days may not be as short as in the northern hemisphere, but many of us working in big cities get up in the dark and return home to darkness too at the end of the day.

At these times, security becomes even more important. It’s bad enough grappling with keys, brief case, handbag and groceries at the front door in the poor light of dusk. We don’t want to also have to worry about whether or not the house has been broken into and who might be waiting on the other side of that door.

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Winter discounts

To make sure you can secure all those doors and windows, Trellidor is offering customers a winter special on all products. This is a great opportunity to tick off a few more items on your home security list, such as:

  • Burglar proofing windows that aren’t already secured. Robbers will make a plan to get through any window, no matter how small or inaccessible it looks to you, so get these done now at a reduced rate.

  • Installing security barriers to protect doors that are currently unprotected. Perhaps you only have a security gate on your front and back doors. Now’s the time to install burglar proofing on other doors such as those leading out to the patio or between the garage and the house.

  • Create a safe zone by getting a security gate or shutter put into your passage, at the top of your stairs or your bedroom. Make sure you get barriers fitted to all the windows in this zone too, and that one or more of them can open up as an emergency exit.

  • Install automated roller shutters that have battry back-up. Eskom has promised that we won’t have any load shedding this winter, but they can’t guarantee that there won’t be any unexpected power outages due to over-loading of the grid.

Contact your local Trellidor franchise and ask them about the winter specials. The promotion is running for a limited period, so don’t wait until it’s too late!

Also, take a look at the Trellidor product range so that you have a good idea of what you want before the sales consultant comes to see you. There is a wide range of options and you may want to choose different products for various areas in your home.




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