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We’re always looking for good examples of how to create a safe zone in your home that we can share with our customers. We found some recently when photographing Trellidor installations completed by Trellidor franchises around the country.

They all use Trellidor Retractable security gates to create a safe zone within the customer’s homes. But you could just as easily choose to have a Trellidor Rollerstyle automated roller shutter installed, or a Trellidor Clear Guard security screen door.

Take a look at these three ideas and use them to create your own safe haven at home with the help of your local Trellidor franchise.


Safe zone gate #1: block off your passage

A Trellidor Retractable security gate is locked at night to shut off the bedroom area from the rest of the house. So if thieves manage to break in to the living area or kitchen, they would still have to break through another gate to get into the bedroom section.

Rather let them make off with your TV while you alert your armed response than confront them and run the risk of being personally attacked. The passage gate like this gives you the time you need to do this.


An image of a Retractable Security Gate blocking off the passage.


Safe zone gate #2: block off your bedroom 

The last thing you want at night is to wake up with a threatening stranger next to your bed. One way of avoiding this (apart from locking up properly and setting your burglar alarm!) is to fit a security gate to your bedroom door.

This obviously works best if you have an en suite bathroom because you don’t want to be locking and unlocking a gate to visit the loo at night. If you don’t have a bathroom off the bedroom, rather fit the gate into the passage. Trellidor Retractable gates can be fitted even into tight corners like the one pictured.


An image of a Retractable Gate protecting the bedroom.


Safe zone gate #3: block off internal garage door

Many ground floor homes in security estates have a door from the garage that gives direct access to the simplex or duplex. Lots of older or free-standing homes have them too.

If criminals get into your garage, these doors are a high security risk because they can break the lock and walk straight into your home. This is assuming the door is closed and locked in the first place. Most of us don’t bother to lock them, making it even easier for criminals to get inside. 

An image of a Retractable Security Gate blocking off access to the garage.


A Trellidor Retractable security gate will really improve your security, as it turns your home into a safe zone if the rest of your doors and windows are protected by burglar proofing too.

Contact your nearest Trellidor franchise and ask them to visit your home to give you safe zone suggestions.


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