Security Tips for Every Home

It’s often only when we’re locking up to go on holiday that we realise our home’s security measures aren’t what they should be.  Here are some security tips to help prevent a break-in while you’re away, but that also apply all year round:


Front door security tips

  • Your front entrance must be well-lit at night so that you can easily find the lock to let yourself in.
  • A well-lit doorway also scares off prowlers as they don’t want to be seen.
  • A good quality security gate with enhanced strength features is essential, particularly in high security risk areas.
  • Choose a security door with multiple locking points that opens with a single key for quick and easy entry.
  • The best security tip is to remember to lock up behind you.


Patio security tips

  • If your patio is open on one or more sides, get them enclosed with security doors.  There are products such as Trellidor Clear Guard that allow you to feel as if you’re outdoors while helping to keep you safe inside.
  • Don’t leave items that are easily stolen on the patio as they’re too tempting to thieves.
  • Don’t leave tools that can be used to break into your house on the patio, such as garden implements.
  • Good lighting that switches on at night or when you’re away will deter thieves as they don’t like to be visible.


Security tips for other doors

  • All doors leading outside should be protected by a good security gate, roller shutter or security screen.
  • These security doors should be kept locked even when you’re home.
  • The doorway leading from your garage into the house must be properly secured. Roller shutters are great here as they can take the place of a door, acting as door and security barrier.
An image of a Retractable Security Gate protecting a home.


Window security tips

  • Large or small, ground level or first floor, every window is vulnerable to a break-in so secure them all with good quality burglar proofing.
  • If convenience is important to your lifestyle, choose burglar proofing that opens up for easy window cleaning.
  • Burglar proofing that is secured into the substrate surrounding your windows is a better option in terms of strength than screwed into window frames.
  • If you don’t like to feel hemmed in, there are burglar proofing designs that are hardly visible but still provide protection from home invaders as well as mosquitoes and primates.
  • Keep your burglar proofing closed and locked, especially when the house is empty. 


Garden security tips

  • Make sure your perimeter wall or fencing is difficult to get over. Make it high, spiky or electrified.
  • Clean up the shrubbery on your boundary so that there are no hiding places for prowlers.
  • Install external sensor beams to pick up intruders before they get to your house or vehicles.
  • Don’t ever leave tools, ladders or garden implements outside for burglars to use.
  • Don’t advertise new purchases by leaving new appliance or gift boxes outside.


General security tips

  • Once you’ve secured all your doors and windows, a good security tip is to install an alarm, even if you can’t afford armed response.  It will frighten off intruders and alert the neighbourhood that someone is on the prowl.  Make sure it doesn’t go off unnecessarily, though, as people will ignore it.
  • Install timers on your light switches when you go away so that the house looks occupied.
  • If you can’t afford to fit barriers to all your doors and windows, make sure you have a safe zone.  This is easily created with a security door in your passage or stairway.
  • Let your dogs live inside with you they’re the best early warning system.

If you need any help with security your home before the holidays, or when you get back in the new year, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise.

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