Security tips for a safer winter

Security tips for a safe winter at home

Winter is the season when we spend more time at home and as we know, that’s when burglars strike because they’re aware we’re less vigilant about security. Trellidor has some tips to help you stay safe indoors when it’s miserable outside.

Winter safety check list

Here’s how to try to avoid a nasty surprise from unwelcome visitors this winter:

  • Check all your security gates and burglar guards for signs of wear and tear. Replace any that are rusted or weak so that they can’t be easily kicked out by housebreakers.
  • Install burglar proofing to any windows that are not protected, even if they look inaccessible.
  • Fit security gates to any unsecured external doors, including the door from the garage into the house.
  • Create a safe zone if you can’t afford to secure all your doors and windows. A safe zone is usually the bedroom section, with burglar guards on all windows and a security gate in the passage. You’ll at least be safe at night when sleeping.
  • Create a safe zone even if you can afford to secure all your doors and windows!
  • Remember to install at least one security barrier that can be opened in your safe zone. You can use it as an escape route if there is a fire or home invasion.
  • Remember to keep all your security gates and burglar bars closed and locked at all times, even when you’re home.
  • Check that your back up batteries are still capable of operating for several hours. You need your security systems to work at all times, especially when there is no electricity. This includes driveway gates, alarms, panic alarms, automated security doors and security cameras.
  • Trim shrubbery and trees around the perimeter of your garden so that there are no hiding places for robbers.
  • Tidy up tools and toys so that you don’t leave any convenient weapons lying around outside.

Trellidor has a wide range of security gate and burglar bar styles to choose from, and something to suit every budget. If you need help with deciding what you need to help keep you safe, find your nearest Trellidor RSA showroom or Trellidor International distributor – they will show you the full product range and do a free security assessment of your home.

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