Louvre Shutters Configurations You Can Choose From

Security shutters are a fabulous alternative to a clutter of curtains, burglar bars and blinds. They can replace all of these in one gorgeous, streamlined aluminium louvre shutter. This look is not only for modern, minimalist home styles. It also blends in beautifully with more traditional, softer décor styles.

Security shutters in South Africa are available in many different configurations. Your supplier should easily be able to ensure that your new louvre security shutter matches the way your door or window operate. This is to make sure that the shutters don’t block your door or window handles or even stop your window from opening properly.

There are lots of different security shutter configurations. The format chosen will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, your supplier will try to match the way your window and doors work. The most common formats are hinged and French doors and windows, so they will recommend hinged or French security shutters.

The idea is to make each security shutter panel as large as possible. This is to allow the maximum amount of light through when the louvres are tilted open. Fewer panels also look far less cluttered than lots of smaller panels.

Window security shutter configurations

Custom-manufactured security shutters for windows can be made in formats such as:

  • Bi-fold window shutters (usually for bigger windows)
  • Floating bi-fold window shutters (generally for smaller windows)
  • Sliding window shutters
  • French window shutters, where there are two shutters that lock in the middle
  • A single hinged window shutter

The configuration that you choose will depend on the type of window you have and the amount of space available for the shutter. Usually, the shutter will match the window configuration, so a single hinged window will be fitted with a single hinged shutter.

Don’t let your louvre shutter supplier convince you that these shutters can block out all light. No matter who manufactures them, louvre shutters do not provide a complete black-out and light seeps through. Most manufacturers design the shutters to block out as much light as possible but be aware of some light penetration if you’re choosing shutters for bedrooms or multi-media rooms.

If you use an experienced supplier like your local Trellidor franchise, they will advise you on the best configuration for your window. They will take your preferences and your budget into account when designing a security shutter for each window.

Door security shutter configurations

Shutters are incredibly convenient for doors of all types. They are especially suited to glass doors because they provide privacy when closed without having to forgo fresh air or sunlight. This is because when you open your glass doors, you can close your shutters, tilt the louvres to let in the amount of light and air you want, and no-one can see inside your home.

Security shutters can also be doors themselves. For example, they can be fitted as doors around a veranda. In this scenario, the shutters work just like doors. They can be opened for that all-important indoor-outdoor flow from veranda to the outside.

Or they can be closed and locked when the weather is not so great or when you need security at night or when the home is unoccupied. Locked shutters offer security even when the louvres are tilted open for fresh air and light.

Trellidor Louvre Shutters is fitted with a strong lock that can be operated from both sides of the shutter. So, if you lock up and leave the house, you’ll be able to unlock the shutters using your key from the outside if necessary when you return home.

The shutters can be made for doors in the following configurations:

  • Bi-fold door shutters
  • Floating bi-fold door shutters
  • Sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • French doors

Choose your installation option

Trellidor Louvre Shutterss give you more choices than just the type of configuration best suited to your door or window. You can also choose:

  • An internal installation or external installation

Installing your shutters internally is the best option for living and bedroom area doors and windows, not matter what the configuration. When fitted inside, the shutters are less exposed to weathering and other outdoor damage.

The fact that security shutters are made from aluminium means that they can handle weathering, though, so don’t hesitate to fit these beautiful shutters to your patio. Here they will provide protection from cold or rain and let you make extended use of your outdoor living area.

  • A reveal or face-on installation

A reveal fit i.e. shutters fitted inside the space surrounding the window or door, is often preferred as it is neat and tidy. The shutters don’t take up more space than necessary, leaving the wall space free for art-work and other decorations.

Many modern homes, though, have very narrow window and door reveals. There really isn’t enough space to fit blinds and burglar bars next to the windows.

Security shutters solve this problem beautifully because they’re an all-in-one solution that is both blind and burglar bar in one unit. They look very attractive when fitted face-on to the wall outside the window or door reveal.

Why should you choose security shutter configurations for your home’s doors and windows?

  • They’re beautiful enough for any room in the house.
  • They can replace curtains, blinds and burglar bars in one gorgeous product.
  • This make security shutters very cost effective over time. 
  • They can be used as room dividers. 
  • They don’t look like security barriers, which makes them perfect for living estates with strict rules prohibiting burglar bars and other visible security measures. 
  • They’re ideal for entertainment areas because you can tilt the louvres to control light, airflow and visibility. 
  • They improve the ‘street appeal’ of any home, which is very important when you’re selling.  
  • They’re ideal for low to high security risk locations.

Colour code your security shutters

Whatever configuration you decide on, don’t forget to speak to your supplier about what colour to choose for your security shutters. The most popular colour has always been white because it is timeless and works with any décor style you’re into at the moment.

Lately, though, bolder options are becoming more in demand. The trend has also moved from high gloss to matte. Trellidor offer several matte colours including bronze, sand, light brown, aluminium, charcoal and black. And, of course, white.

The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances the security shutter’s corrosion and UV resistance. The powder coating is ideal for coastal and inland conditions and increases the lifespan of the barrier by retaining its quality finish.

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