Safety Tips You Need for Hot Summer Nights

The stifling hot nights of a South African summer make us want to throw open all our windows and doors to catch any little breeze. However, we’re all well aware of how dangerous this is when the incidence of crimes like house breaking remain high. Not all of us can afford air conditioning, and load shedding limits its use anyway. So here are some useful tips on how to beat the heat as safely as possible.

  • Make sure your bedroom area is a safe zone so that you can open some well-secured windows for a more comfortable night. This means installing really good burglar bars on these windows and a security gate in the passage or stairway leading into this area. It’s even better if you have a burglar alarm and motion detector beams as well, so you have some warning if someone tries to get in through the open window. The more layers of security there are the more chance you have of detecting an intruder before they get inside your home.

  • Some of the burglar bars should be able to open in case you ever need an emergency escape. Install products like retractable security gates on at least one window in your safe zone (yes, they can be made for windows too). You may prefer a security screen like GriffinGuard on your windows because it will keep mosquitoes out as well as criminals. The screens can be made in different lockable formats to match the type of window you have.

  • Protect any windows left open at night with dependable burglar bars that can withstand a violent attack by burglars. Cheap or DIY burglar bars won’t stand up to an assault as long as better-quality versions. You need all the time you can get if someone tries to break in, so go for quality as far as possible. Breaking in makes quite a noise, so the longer it takes the burglar, the more chance you have of hearing the disturbance and calling for help.

  • Choose window coverings that allow the fresh air in but prevent people from seeing into your home. If you’re hoping for some air circulation at night you won’t want to close curtains and blinds. So how do you stop strangers from seeing inside your home or criminals from taking note of where the easiest area to break in is? The answer is louvre blinds with security built into them. This type of louvre blind protects you while you sleep. You can tilt the louvres to block out prying eyes but still allow breezes to blow inside and cool you down.

  • Remember to remove keys from locks and store them in your safe zone. It’s no good leaving front door and security gate keys in their locks, or bunches of house keys and remote controls in the living area. Anyone that breaks in will have free access to your safe zone and other areas of your home. Put up a key rack in your safe zone, out of reach of any doors and windows, and keep all your keys and remotes there.

  • Keep all your phones in the safe zone at night. Don’t make phones easy to steal by leaving them to charge in your living area. You’ll need them with you to call your armed response or the police if someone gets in. And on that note, make sure your emergency numbers are in your phone or printed and stuck up on the wall where you can find them in a panic.

  • Secure your entertainment area for stress-free summer evenings. Some burglars have no fear of finding you at home. If they catch you off-guard on your patio while you enjoy the warm summer evenings with friends and family, they won’t run away. They will continue with the robbery. Combat this by installing physical security barriers around your patio. Choose a pretty product that won’t detract from the relaxed atmosphere. Security screens, louvre shutters, and sliding trellis-style gates are all good options. They are all see-through, so you won’t lose your view or feel hemmed in.


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