Safety during load shedding


The constant threat of load shedding in previous years had us all scurrying around buying gas lights and stocking up on take-away menus. But have you thought about how safe you are when the lights go out? With Eskom still in a state of turmoil, you should give some thought to your safety at home during load shedding or unplanned blackouts.

No power, no protection

Most of us only started planning for blackouts when we struggled through days without electricity after being used to a constant supply. Sometimes it wasn’t load shedding exactly, but a consequence of load shedding on the switch in the box outside our homes, which often trips when power is returned. It can take days for local municipalities to get around to flipping the switch back up.

This can be extremely frustrating and very unsafe. Especially when the battery back-up for your alarm system and automated gate are damaged as a result.

Usually at times like these, our cell phone and computer batteries die, the internet connection fails as it runs on electricity, and there is no way of alerting your armed response company if you are in danger.

If you rely entirely on electronic systems to keep you safe at home, you can feel extremely vulnerable at these times.

But if every single door and window in your home is protected by a Trellidor barrier of some description, you can still keep criminals out and your family safe inside.

Physical barriers are a comfort when nothing else works

Those working in the security industry know that nothing is impenetrable if a determined intruder has enough time, the right tools and a low risk of discovery.

But having the sort of protection at home that Trellidor provides at least gives you the assurance that you would hear someone trying to get in. You could then get out of your house through one of your emergency exit windows and get to a neighbour’s house for help.

Tips for a safety plan that doesn’t depend on power

Securing your home does not need to completely blow your budget. There are lots of ways of getting around the money issue when purchasing barriers to keep you safe when the lights go out.

Here are some ideas:

  • Secure the most vulnerable doors and windows in your home with the best barriers you can afford.
  • Choose more budget-friendly options for the less vulnerable openings (Trellidor has several options. They would never compromise on safety and these barriers are still stronger than most on the market).
  • If you can’t secure your whole house, choose an area that you could secure as your safe zone and stay in this area when you feel unsafe.
  • Contact your nearest Trellidor franchise now and ask them to help you develop a load shedding security plan for your home.


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