Roller Screen Protect Versatility – Other Uses to Benefit From

Roller Screen Protect are see-through roller blind security screens, available in South Africa and introduced by Taylor Blinds initially to help protect people from Covid-19. They are so versatile that people are finding other uses for them to benefit from, making them really useful and cost-effective in the long term, including beyond the threat of the pandemic.

How does roller screen protect help during covid-19?

Roller Screen Protect has been a great help during all the lockdown phases of the Covid-19 pandemic because:

  • They are antimicrobial screens that safeguard people against contamination.  An antimicrobial fabric has fibres that resist microbial growth such as viruses.
  • They are quick and easy to install, no matter where they are fitted.
  • They are 100% transparent, so people are not totally cut off from each other.
  • They are ideal in areas where keeping a safe distance is difficult because they physically separate people from each other.
  • People can be together without worrying about passing on diseases when someone coughs or sneezes.
  • It allows people to work together safely without being in direct contact.
An image of a Roller Screen Protect

Other uses to benefit from

Apart from helping with social distancing, users are finding that Roller Screen Protect has many other functions. The screens are available from Trellidor franchises around the country and they are told by customers that they use them in the following ways:

  • Roller screen protect as room dividers

    Roller Screen Protect makes an excellent room divider, especially in spaces where contact with others is hard to avoid.

    Examples are doctors’ waiting rooms; open-plan offices; between beds in hospital wards; hanging in front of reception desks to separate staff from customers; in front of serving counters in shops; and hanging between customers and staff at food hatches.

    Because they are hygienic and anti-microbial, roller screen protect blinds can be safely used in food preparation areas, where it can be difficult or impractical to separate different stations. With the screens rolled down, chefs are still able to work as a team without being in close contact as the screens are completely see-through.

    In all these situations, the protective screens can be rolled up and out of the way to change the configuration of the working space or to decontaminate the space or simply to do daily cleaning.
  • Roller screen protect as roller blinds

    Roller Screen Protect is actually a type of roller blind. It has a similar construction and works the same way, meaning you can raise or lower it according to your needs.

    These blinds can be erected with Taylor Blinds’ innovative Day Night Bracket. This means that the transparent Roller Screen Protect screens and a Block Out Roller Blind can be included on the same bracket, making them versatile blinds that provide excellent privacy as well as protection when needed.

    It seems that the Covid-19 virus will be with us for many years to come, but once the danger is considered over, the protective see-through roller screen can be repurposed for windows and other openings by getting your supplier to insert a different fabric.
  • Health and safety screens

    Many countries have an Occupational Health and Safety Act that provides for the safety and health of people at work through legislation. This type of Act aims to protect staff members as well as visitors to all types of business.

    This could be an office, where there are not many risks to health and safety apart from  Covid-19 contamination, to more hazardous environments like manufacturing plants where dangerous, heavy machinery is used.

    Protective products like roller screen protect blinds can be erected in strategic areas to comply with health and safety regulations, keeping people safe from viruses and other contaminants. Potential dangers from machinery and other accidents would also be visible and hopefully avoidable because the screens are transparent.

    The screens are an efficient solution to occupational safety because they hang from the top and do not take up any valuable floor space. The fact that they are transparent adds to the safety factor as people working in this area can see each other as well as equipment being used nearby.

    In an exceptionally large space, several roller screen protect blinds can by hung side-by-side.

    The screens can then be rolled down and used according to varying needs during a work shift. They easily be rolled up to move products or apparatus around unimpeded.

Easy to maintain

Once fitted, roller screen protect blinds are simple to use and easy to maintain. Wipe them regularly with a damp cloth and mild cleaning detergent to remove any microorganisms, dirt, dust and marks. Regular cleaning will ensure they continue to provide transparent, 100% clear views.

The material used to create these roller blinds is UV stabilised. This means that no matter where they are fitted, roller screen protect will keep its high-quality transparent features, especially if properly maintained as described above.

Simple to use

A roller screen protect blinds consist of a single piece of transparent material fitted onto a roller, exactly like any other type of roller blind such as those used to cover windows. The material rolls up and down manually using a cord or it can be motorised.

Motorised blinds are perfect for germ-free operation because they are rolled down or up without touching the cords or any other part of the blind. They are hygienic and safe to use, helping people to avoid any contamination from COVID-19 or any other hazard.

Security screens cost

Taylor Blinds is part of the Trellidor Group, so for further information on the cost of Taylor Roller Blind Screen Protect, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise. We provide Taylor-made-to-measure, locally manufactured, top quality products that are delivered and installed on time.

Find your nearest Trellidor franchise for more information on Taylor Roller Blind Screen Protect.

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