Retractable Gates Guide Made Easy – Options, Features & Differentiators

What are retractable security gates?

Retractable gates are also known as sliding security gates. They slide open and closed along a track on the floor. They are fitted in doorways and in front of windows to make these openings intruder resistant. The security gate components fold the gate into a narrow stack to the side when opened and pull out to their full length when closed and locked for protection. Custom-made steelor aluminium sliding security gates framed on all four sides offer a high level of protection against intruders.

Retractable gates features

Trellidor has manufactured retractable security gates for over 40 years. It was the first security product the company designed at the Durban factory. Over 40 years later, it is still the most popular security barrier in terms of sales.

There are many look-alike sliding security gate products on the market today. The reasons for this are that:

  • It is a practical, easy to use security gate. It can be fitted to protect doors as well as windows.
  • It can be closed and locked for safety while doors and windows are left open for fresh air.
  • It can be manufactured to fit any size space, from small windows to large doorways.
  • It is low maintenance.
  • It is simple to lock.

Over the last 40 years Trellidor research and development teams have put time and effort into improving the strength of security gates as new technology and materials have become available. This is because criminals continue to find new ways of breaking into homes and premises. Reputable security companies stay ahead of these crime trends to keep their customers safe.

This is not to say that older retractable gates can’t do the job they were intendedto do. Trellidor has many stories of security gates purchased decades ago that are still in excellent condition. They continue to keep families safe at home.


Trellidor security gates have several signature features that have stayed the same. It is these key points that identify Trellidor Retractable security gates

These are:

  • Double uprights. ‘Uprights’ are the vertical steel bars that run from the top of the sliding security gates to the bottom track on the floor. The number of these vertical bars in each gate will depend on the size of the gate. But all our gates have two sets of these uprights, joined together using rivets and other connectors. And two sets of uprights are stronger than one.
  • Links each connect three uprights. Links form part of the trellis pattern across steel or aluminium retractable security gates. Most competitor products have links that connect only two uprights together. Ours run across three uprights, increasing the strength of the barrier. The gates are also smoother to open and close. Anyone that has struggled witha sliding security gates that sticks will appreciate this point.
  • U-shaped profiles. The vertical steel or aluminium bars and the links that connect them are shaped into a ‘U’ while many of our competitors use square tubing. We’re able to coat all surfaces of the metal components for improved corrosion resistance, whereas square tubing is difficult to coat inside.
  • Branded Trellidor lock. Trellidor locks have the name ‘Trellidor’ etched into the lock cylinder. So even if our branded sticker is missing from around the lock, you will still be able to tell if it’s a Trellidor lock or not. Trellidor locks are patented and very strong.
  • Single key and keyhole. Some manufacturers have two keys and two keyholes. Trellidor Retractable security gates have one key and one keyhole. The internal locking mechanism has several locking points for added strength. But as the user, you only see one keyhole. This makes ourgates quick and easy to lock or unlock. It’s an important point when you’rein a hurry.
  • T-shaped low-profile bottom track. The shape of the bottom track andits low profile are designed to reduce the chances of tripping over the track. These features also to make it harder for criminals to pull the uprights off the track. This keeps you safer inside.

Retractable gates guide

With so many sliding security gates on the market, how do you choose the best retractable gate for your home? Trellidor has several models in the retractable security gate range. It offers a range of retractable gates to cater for different security needs.

Here is a guide to the Trellidor retractable gates range of options:

  • Trellidor Retractable T500, T700 and T800
    These are galvanised steel sliding security gates suitable for homes and commercial premises. The recommended model depends on how vulnerable the location is to crime.
  • Trellidor Retractable TA600
    This is an aluminium sliding security gate suitable for most levels of crime risk. It is an excellent choice for coastal locations.
  • Trellidor Plus-T900, Trellidor Trojan II-T1000 and Trellidor Trojan III EMESC T3000
    These are highly specialised sliding security gates designed for extremely high risk, high traffic public areas. They have all been engineered to international strength and safety standards. They have been tested and certified by an independent third party based in the United Kingdom.

And here is how to choose the best retractable gate option for your needs

Ask yourself these questions to find out which sliding security gate is best for you:

  • Which openings do you need to protect?
    Your local Trellidor franchise can help with this step. They will do an assessment of your existing security and suggest how to improve it. From there, you decide which openings to purchase security gates for.
  • What type of security gate do you want to install?
    Sliding security gates are the most popular design because they are very cost effective and do a great job of protecting you and your family. There are other options too. Trellidor Clear Guard, Trellidor Rollerstyle and Trellidor Louvre Shutters are a few more designs to consider.
  • What is your level of crime risk?
    The answer to this question will determine which model of sliding security gate you purchase. If you are in a gated community or secure estate, you could opt for Trellidor Retractable T500. Free standing homes would be better protected by a T700 security gate. If you live at the coast, choose a TA600 aluminium security gate.
  • What is your budget?
    The temptation is always to go for the cheapest option, often DIY. With security, however, you definitely get what you pay for. So be aware that DIY sliding gates can’t hold up to a hammering from a criminal’s spade or some other tool the way a custom-made retractable gate can. Spend a little more and it will last a lot longer. Ask your Trellidor franchise to give you quotes for several models in the Trellidor range, all of which are custom-made and strong.

There are over 70 Trellidor franchises around South Africa and many in other parts of the world. Call them in to help you choose the best retractable gates from the available range for your home. They will also give you quotes so that you can compare different Trellidor security gates prices.

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