Retractable Gate

Retractable gate now seals off safe zone after robbery

After an inside job robbery, a regular Trellidor customer has had a Trellidor Retractable security gate fitted to their passageway, completing their safe zone. She now feels a whole lot safer when she is home alone. The gate allows her to close up the bedroom area, which has security barriers on every door and window, plus an escape window with a barrier that can open in an emergency.

Sliding gates send a strong message to robbers

The customer says she can’t understand why some people don’t want this type of security gate on their doors and windows. The complaint is that these gates are too cluttered and jail-like. Well, this is exactly the type of impression this customer wants to create.

To her, a security system has to look jail-like. She wants anyone watching from the street to know that getting into her house won’t be easy, so they’d best move on and try elsewhere.

Yes, sliding gates on doors and windows do clutter them up, but surely we’re all used to that by now? It’s part and parcel of keeping ourselves safe in a world where home invasions appear to be increasing.

Trellidor does have more attractive barriers such as Trellidor Clear Guard for windows and doors where the view really matters, such as an entertainment area.

But on the street-front side and in her passage, this customer wants a brute of a gate that broadcasts loudly and clearly exactly what it does: puts a daunting obstruction in the way of robbers trying to get inside.

Double duty security gates

The new Trellidor Retractable gate in her passage is an integral part of her layered security system. It has another function apart from creating a safe zone. Since her robbery she has taken to setting the sensor beams inside the house every time she goes out.

To stop her dog from setting off the alarm when moving around the house, she put a board across the passage entrance. This stopped the dog from crossing the beams and activating the alarm, causing unnecessary call-outs for the armed response company. The board wasn’t a very attractive arrangement, but it worked.

The new gate, of course, does a much better and more attractive job of keeping the dog confined to the area where the beams won’t be triggered by her movements.

Take a look at some other Trellidor options to protect doors and passages from intruders. Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters are proving popular for creating safe zones.

the ultimate crime barrier

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