Radio Interview – New Home Improvement Products from Trellidor

Lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last year, with countrywide lockdowns keeping us at home more than usual. With that has come a renewed interest in home improvements and Trellidor, as always, has kept up with the trend. We have launched three new products into this market.

We’ll talk about these new products in form of FAQs, answered during recent radio interviews. 

Alternatively, listen to security expert Pierre Slabbert of Trellidor Pretoria East explain what they’re all about in Afrikaans on GROOTfm radio.

So let’s see what the new Trellidor products are all about:

Q: For most people, the name ‘Trellidor’ brings to  mind sliding metal gates and burglar bars that are used to protect homes. But I believe you do other types of products as well. What are these products?

A: Yes, Trellidor is known for strong sliding gates and burglar bars, but about 10 years ago we realised there was a demand for a different type of security. This more or less followed the trend of people moving into estates, such as golf estates, bush lodges and other types of cluster housing, where the primary issue was not security.

Instead, they were looking for products that gave them privacy from neighbours, stopped petty theft, and protected them from other problems like mosquitoes or snakes or monkeys getting inside their homes.

Q: So what sort of products do these jobs for people in this type of estate?

A: Well at that time we introduced our first Clear Guard design, which is a see-through mesh in a neat frame. It is a multi-purpose product that does all these things that people were looking for, and it looked beautiful in their windows and doors and around their patios.

The original Clear Guard design also provided a high level of protection against crime. This type of high-quality product also comes at a price, and because many customers wanted it in every door and window the cost was sometimes too high.

So we’re now introducing a new version, designed especially for estates. In fact, we’ve called it the GriffinGuard. It’s a very similar product, just re-engineered to be more affordable.

Q: I believe you’re also into the louvre shutter market and have something new to talk to us about there?

A: Our Louvre Shutters louvres have done very well in the South African market because they’re an exceptionally neat design and provides excellent security. But again, not everyone needs that level of protection, so we’ve introduced another product to this range and called it the Estate Shutter.

Where it differs is that it has been engineered for lower crime risk areas such as homes in a secure estate where access is tightly controlled. This means that it is priced to appeal to homeowners that prioritise a sense of style without compromising on strength.

We’ve paid attention to details such as colour coded hardware, hidden strengthening mechanisms, uniform frames across all configurations and a variety of bottom tracks to suit different installations. You don’t need blinds or curtains or burglar bars because the Estate Shutter does all of this in one great product.

Q: We’ve talked about your new home designs, but what about people with businesses that are looking for security. What do you have for them?

A: Trellidor has always had high quality commercial ranges, like our internationally certified sliding gates as well as our aluminium roller shutters. But for us one of the most exciting additions to our roller shutter range is the Lockdown Shutter. We’ve only just launched it to our franchise network around the country and the response has been brilliant.

At first glance our Lockdown Shutter looks like our other roller shutter designs, but it has some incredible internal features that make it virtually impossible to lift once it is closed. In fact, in attack tests, when a forklift tried to lift this shutter, it toppled over.

This is a first for South Africa and we’re very proud of it. We see it being used for high crime risk locations like jewellery stores, but it can also be used in homes to protect valuable collections like guns or jewellery.

Q: Where can listeners find out more about all these new products?

A: They can visit our website at https://www.trellidor.co.za to find their nearest Trellidor outlet and also to see our full product range. Or they can visit their local Trellidor showroom and see our range for themselves. It’s always a good idea to try products out so that you can see the differences and decide which one best suits your needs.

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