Questions to ask your security supplier about guarantees

Five questions for your safety barrier supplier

Before you sign for a new security purchase with what looks like excellent guarantees, do some homework.  After all, if you take your security seriously, this is unlikely to be a cheap investment so you need to have all the facts.


1. How long has the company been in business?

Is this company likely to be around in 10 years time when you need them to honour their warranty?  It is easy to make promises about after-sales service and guarantees but much harder to honour them once a crisis arises.


2. Is the guarantee realistic?

We’d all like our large, expensive purchase to last a lifetime, but this is generally unrealistic.  Wear and tear, corrosive environments, poor maintenance and other factors will affect the lifespan of most products and as a consequence, the implementation of the guarantee.  So the wonderful promises may be meaningless in the long run.


3. Are the guarantees the same for all products in the range?

Guarantees on safety gates and burglar bars can be affected by factors such as where the product is installed, either inside or outside the house.  Some companies make a blanket claim about guarantees in their adverts. But when it comes to signing on the dotted line, customers find out that the super-duper guarantee does not apply to the particular product they want to purchase. Check on this before committing to the purchase.


4. How does the supplier respond to complaints?

Check your social networks to find out how well the supplier resolves problems, including warranty complaints.  There will always be negative comments about companies, especially after a traumatic event such as a break-in, but the telling response is how companies handle these complaints.


5.What happens to the guarantee if a home is sold?

If you sell your home, does the guarantee end with you or does it stay with the new owner?  Similarly, if you move into a home that is already protected by barriers, is the warranty still valid and does it apply to you?  The answer to both these questions is usually no, but it helps to know this before an emergency occurs.


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