Professional Security Barrier Installation – 7 Reasons to Avoid DIY

Security is something that we’ve begun to take seriously as crime continues to plague our daily lives. Having security barriers in place, such as burglar bars and security gates, can keep our homes and business premises safe. Some people choose to install these security barriers by themselves, and this could have some limitations.

Security barriers can offer you plenty of benefits to your home and your business’ security. Firstly, security barriers can limit your property access, and people cannot enter your space without your admission. You are able to control and monitor the people who do enter. This is beneficial when keeping your loved ones, assets, and employees safe.

DIY security barrier installation might be appealing as you think you will not need any outside help. The reality, however, is that installing the security barriers alone might have many limitations that reduce effectiveness. Below are some of the reasons that you should avoid the DIY security barrier installation:

  1. Material and Equipment Quality

    When you choose DIY security barriers, the most significant problem is their quality differs from those that require professional installation. Firstly, they do not have strong aesthetic appeal due to their sub-standard material. Secondly, since they are cheaper, they might contain plastic parts, hinges and flimsy steel that age prematurely, so they will not last as long.

    When you choose professional installation instead, they design and manufacture more robust security barriers, which will not give you any problems. Professionally installed barriers are more resistant to pests, damage and even bad weather due to their custom design. The custom design will enable you to have more versatility.
  1. Lack of Specialist Skills

    Installing security is daunting and is a job that requires specialist knowledge. To tackle the task on your own, you will need particular skills such as building and electrical skills. If you do not possess any building or electrical skills, it could make the installation process more complicated and longer. All this could create more problems like damaging an underground drainage, which would cost you more in the end because you would need to hire electricians or plumbers to fix the damage that you cause. Choosing professional installation will ensure that you do not have to worry about making any mistakes as they will set everything up.
  1. Long-term Costs Involved

    Some people choose DIY installation due to the high cost of professional installation fees. However, the monitoring costs might make this option more expensive after a couple of months. When you choose DIY installation, those products’ quality might be cheaper, and you would have to replace them again. When you weigh up all the costs involved in the end, it will be cheaper to choose professional installation.
  1. Reduced Warranties

    The average warranty of a DIY is usually three years. It might seem like three years is a long time for you, but when you consider the fact that your security barriers’ parts have cheaper parts and materials, it might not be enough. Those security barriers that are professionally installed have a five-year warranty. The reason for this is because security companies want you to have peace of mind. You could also extend the warranty if the security barriers are professionally installed.
  1. No Security Extras

    The biggest issue with choosing a DIY kit is that they are basic and do not offer any added security extras. The limitations that they have means that they are not as safe as the ones for professional packages. These extras will add an extra layer of detection that will increase your response time which would offer more safety for your home and business.
  1. Lack of Customer Service

    Regardless of whether you choose DIY kits or a professional package, the level of support and customer service you receive will differ. The issue with selecting DIY kits is that you only receive help at the beginning before you receive your equipment. However, once you complete the installation process, you would not receive the support you require. Professional packages come with assistance even after the installation has been completed. They will help you if anything were to go wrong, such as having any components malfunction, and you would have someone to call or to check what the issue is. They will also test if the security barriers have been installed correctly before they leave.
  1. Reduced or No Contract

    When you choose DIY security barriers, they might come with no contracts or reduced contracts. The lack of contracts might seem appealing at first, but it does have its limitations. If anything were to break, then it would be your responsibility to fix them. All the maintenance work would be up to you, which becomes a major inconvenience in the end. However, choosing a professional package ensures that would receive assistance if something were to break from the security company that installed the security barrier. The repairs assistance offered takes away the level of responsibility that comes with having a DIY security kit.


DIY installation might seem appealing as it looks like the cheaper option because you do not have to pay for maintenance, and there is no contract. However, it is crucial to make an informed decision that will ensure maximum protection.

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