Our 4 Seasons Pick – Clear Guard

Our 4 Seasons Pick – How Clear Guards Allow Outdoor Patio
Entertainment All Seasons
Clear Guard screens are the perfect product for patios, no matter what the
season. With Clear Guard on the doors and windows in your entertainment
area, you can safely enjoy this outdoor space in any weather.
What is Clear Guard?
Clear Guard is a new type of security barrier that has a lot of other
benefits too. It is made from an industrial grade woven stainless-steel
mesh panel, which is fitted into a strong aluminium frame. It is custom-
made to fit any type of door or window, easily accommodating handles
and other hardware.
Trellidor Clear Guard does not replace the window or door. It is fitted
alongside the existing door or window and will work the same way. So, for
example, a bi-fold glass patio door will have a bi-fold Clear Guard door
next to it, or a sliding glass door will be protected by a sliding Clear Guard
The screens are ideal for patios because they are see-through and don’t
block the view. Your eye sees right through the mesh. It provides
protection without making your entertainment area feel like a jail cell.
It is important to distinguish between screens that just keep insects out
and proper security screens. Insect screens are not strong enough to stop
intruders from getting inside your home. Trellidor Clear Guard security screens,
on the other hand, are specifically engineered as a protective barrier against home
Why the need for outdoor patio protection?
If you live in South Africa you already know the answer to the question of
why we need patio protection. We are vulnerable to being surprised by
criminals no matter where we are in our homes.
None of us wants to be caged in, but we don’t want to leave ourselves
open to home intruders either. Trellidor outlets around the country have
heard stories about people being caught unawares by robbers appearing
unexpectedly on their verandas.
It seems they often strike when we’re entertaining outdoors because there
are more cell phones, watches, wallets and jewellery to steal in one
‘operation’ that breaking in when you’re home alone.
For this reason, it makes sense to install protective barriers around your
outdoor patio entertainment area. Especially when it’s an attractive
product like Trellidor Clear Guard.
Patio security for all seasons
Install Clear Guard screens around your outdoor patio and you’ll be able to
entertain all year round in comfort and safety. You can also fit the screens
across the doorway between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home
and on any windows that look onto great views.
Here’s how Clear Guard allows you to enjoy your entertainment patio
through all seasons.
Spring and Summer patio security
  • The mesh screen filters out the sun’s harsh UV rays. This helps to make the temperature on the patio more bearable.
  • Even when the screens are closed, they allow some cooling airflow into the patio.
  • Closed Clear Guard screens block out summer pests like snakes and insects.
  • Clear Guard screens block out monkeys and baboons looking for food.
Autumn and Winter patio security
  • Clear Guard mesh screens block out strong winds, so you won’t be blown away sitting outside on the patio.
  • The screens also stop the worst of the cold air from getting inside, although there is still some airflow through the mesh.
  • They’re a humane way to stop monkeys and baboons from getting into your entertainment area.
How to use Clear Guard in your outdoor entertainment patio
  • Invite the outdoors inside by fitting Trellidor Clear Guard to sliding doors and windows that lead onto your entertainment area. This creates a seamless flow between these two areas.
  • Install them onto the outer edge of your patio. You will be well protected but still able to enjoy the view outside.
  • Trellidor Clear Guard is ideal for eco-estates, game lodges and holiday homes. They let you enjoy clear views of the bush. Plus, they provide protection from insects and animals as well as criminals.
  • Because they don’t look at all like security barriers, Clear Guard screens are ideal for housing estates with strict rules about burglar proofing.
  • This is a high-end security barrier. If the budget is limited, consider installing Trellidor Clear Guard on selected doors only, not the whole house. These could be doors and windows leading out to the patio and entertainment area.
The benefits of using Trellidor Clear Guard
  • Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are custom manufactured to match the way your patio doors and windows work, so the protection is seamless.
  • The mesh screen filters out the sun’s harsh UV rays, helping to moderate internal temperatures while still allowing some airflow into the home.
  • You can see right through the mesh screen, so lovely outlooks are not spoiled by cluttered burglar bars.
  • It is suitable for all security risk locations, whether low or high.
  • Fitted with strong Trellidor locks that can be keyed-alike on request i.e. all the locks on your Trellidor Clear Guard units can have the same key number (or different keys if preferred).
How safe are Clear Guards?
Trellidor runs attack tests on all products before releasing them onto the
market. This is to make sure the barriers are strong enough to withstand
an attack by criminals. No responsible security barrier manufacturer
should claim that their product is impenetrable. This is because if the
criminals have enough time, good cover and the right tools, they can get
through anything.
What is important is how long it takes them to try and break in. You need
a security barrier that will hold up under attack long enough to either/or:
  • Make the criminal give up trying to get in.
  • Give you enough time to press your panic button or call for help.
  • Get out of the house and get to safety.
  • Lock yourself in your safe zone and call for help.
In-house attack tests using the same tools on all Trellidor products show
that Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are comparable to Trellidor
Retractable security gates in terms of strength. This means that Trellidor
Clear Guard screens are strong enough for even high-risk security areas
like patios.
Clear Guards Price
Like all Trellidor security barriers, Trellidor Clear Guard is custom-made to
fit the opening and its specific requirements, so there is no standard price.
Trellidor security barriers are available through authorised Trellidor
franchises countrywide and they will gladly measure the opening and give
you a quotation.

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