Other uses for security barriers you probably haven’t thought of

Use home security barriers to keep kids safe from everyday dangers


In South Africa we look at security barriers as a way of keeping people out of our homes, but in other parts of the world they have other uses. Trellidor has franchises all over the world and we’ve discovered that in other countries our barriers are used for reasons other than keeping criminals at bay.

Interesting things we’ve discovered about home security barriers

In some countries security barriers are used as a way of keeping children safe inside their homes. Many people live in high rise blocks, so burglar bars and security gates are used to stop little ones falling out of the windows or off balconies.

Another fascinating use for security barriers is using the burglar bars for climbing plants on veranda gardens! This sounds like an expensive form of trellising, but if the burglar proofing is there any way for physical protection, why not let it do double duty as a climbing frame for beans and tomatoes?

Other parts of the world have a huge problem with flies or mosquitoes getting inside and making life very unpleasant. Screen-type products like Trellidor Clear Guard keep these irritations out as well as providing protection from human home invaders.


Use home security barriers to keep kids safe from everyday dangers


We’ve also come across ways of using home security barriers to protect kids from common calamities at home. Security gates, for example, can be used to:

  • Block off an area of the house that you don’t want your children to enter without your supervision. For example, if you have to step out of the kitchen, close the security gate to keep the kids out if you’ve switched on dangerous appliances such as the oven.
  • Prevent toddlers from wandering outside and falling into the swimming pool by using security gates on all external doors. Doors can be left open to allow in fresh air as long as the security gates are closed and locked.
  • Keep your pets out of the bedroom area or confine them to a particular part of your house.This is particularly useful if you have family members with allergies to animal hair. Or if you’ve just vacuumed floors and don’t want to be doing it again in the near future!
  • Create a safe area that your family can escape to if criminals get into your home. Make sure you have sliding security on at least one window of your safe area to use as an escape route if you can’t get out of the external doors, perhaps in a hostage situation or if the house is on fire.
  • Confine workmen to a section of the house if you have to leave them alone to complete their repairs. For example, you may want to shut off the bedroom area while they are repairing the TV in the lounge.
  • Shut off the bedrooms from the rest of the house at night so that family members can sleep safely and peacefully.

There is a wide range of home security barrier options available so visit the Trellidor website and pick the ones that would best suit your home style.



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