Openings to Secure Immediately After a Break-In

No one ever wants to experience coming to their home and realising it has been broken into and burglars stole their valuables. This experience is traumatising and can leave you and your family feeling unsafe in your own home. We have created various tips you can use to secure your home security to assist you and your family feel safe.


Depending on how burglars break into your house, you must arrange ways to re-secure your home. Below are some of the openings you can secure.


Secure your doors

If your doors were jimmied or broken through or you have some suspicions that a burglar had a hold of a spare door key, you should immediately contact an emergency locksmith to come for the replacement of door locks and cut new keys for you.

Doors are the most accessible point of entry that burglars use, as nearly 34% of burglars use front doors when they break in. One of the best ways to enhance your front door security is by installing a peephole. A peephole enables you to see unexpected visitors, and this option is also far more secure than a smaller opening or a glass window. You can secure your door by using strike plates, deadbolts, and smart locks.

For exterior front doors, burglars can kick in doors such as hollow ones as they are not as reliable as solid-core doors made of wood or metal. Most people might assume that burglars carefully use lock picks to gain entry using a door as they usually will knock it down using brute force. Therefore, you can also reinforce your front door using a door jamb reinforcement kit and door reinforcement plate. These two kits are easy for do-it-yourself installation using basic home tools and time.

Burglars love breaking into homes using sliding doors as entry points as they typically have a flimsy latch that is not enough to keep them in place. When it comes to sliding glass doors, you should secure them with a safety bar to the interior floor track. If criminals were to kick the bottom of the slider forcefully, criminals would use this to gain leverage and open the door. You can use a floor bolt or a foot lock to improve the security of sliding doors.


Reinforce your windows

If burglars broke one or two windows to gain access to your home, then you should immediately contact an emergency glass service so they can replace them. Burglars are constantly looking for windows of opportunity, so ensure that your windows are secure and lock them before you go to bed and each time you leave your home.

Having a lock on a window is not always enough as the latches typically are weak, and they will not hold up against blunt force. Therefore, to improve the security of windows, you are to reinforce the glass with window security film and install window bars. Below are the tips you can consider using to burglarproof your windows:

  • Pin locks: By installing pin locks, you can keep your windows partially open while they are still secure. Some advanced pinless models are available.
  • Window sensors: installing window sensors can be helpful as they will sound an alert whenever the window breaks. Some sensors available will automatically send you a notification to your phone when they detect motion or when a glass break is detected.
  • Put up curtains: This option enables you to gain privacy, and it will keep your valuables out of sight.
  • Sturdier glass: In extreme cases, you can install impact-resistant safety glass, which works well for small windows that you do not open regularly.
  • Natural defences: You can choose to plant thorny or prickly bushes beneath first-story windows.

Keep your garage secured

Garages are also another vulnerable entry points that burglars can use because the doors are fragile. It is relatively easy for criminals to jimmy a latch and punch, lift or kick the door in. Ensure that your garage doors are always down, the latch is locked, and the interior doors are secured. Regardless of the circumstance, if you keep your car outside, refrain from leaving the garage door opener clipped out inside your vehicle. It will make it easier for thieves to smash your windows and gain access to your garage by simply pressing a button.

You can consider investing in home automation systems as they automatically shut your garage door after you have opened it. Investing in motion-activated flood lights in the garage also assists in deterring criminals.



Crime is a reality in our world, with daily break-in events occurring. When you realise that your home has been broken into, you might not know the steps to take afterwards. Luckily, the steps above will assist you in securing your home to ensure that you are protected against house breakings in the future.



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