Office Security Upgrades to Start Thinking About

Crime is a reality that we all have to face, however the effects of crime can be much more devastating for businesses. Therefore, security should be a priority and you should have regular office security upgrades. This article will offer you some security upgrades that you can consider for your office space.

There are many threats that exist that could potentially threaten the security of your offices. The good news is that new advancements are constantly being made that could improve the physical security of office spaces, below are some security upgrades that you could think about implementing for your offices.

  1. Secure doors and entry points

    One of the cheapest, but most effective methods you could implement to increase office security is by investing in high-quality locks such as deadbolts. If you have already installed deadbolt locks then ensure that they functioning normally. Your office doors and all the entry points should always be locked when you are not using them even during your working hours.
  1. Make use of an access control system

    Access control systems are used to control access into particular areas they make use of keyless entry systems. Through keyless entry systems, you are able to reduce the number of keys needed and tracking of entries made into building also becomes easier. Access control enables businesses to manage user permission at any stage which makes it easier to give new hires access into the building and cancel entry permission immediately for employees leaving the company. There are also  advanced biometric access control systems that make use of facial features or fingerprints in order to identify the identity of the user. Such a feature is beneficial for employees as the need to keep track of specific keys is reduced while also providing greater security benefits as it is difficult, if not impossible, to fabricate biometric features.
  1. Invest in digital surveillance systems

    Security cameras are known to offer great security benefits as they allow you to see who is accessing your office, they also serve as evidence of a crime were to occur. However, using digital surveillance systems for the security of your office can offer plenty more benefits. Firstly, digital surveillance cameras have better quality video feed than analog cameras which allows you to see all the activities that are occurring around your business in better quality. Secondly, the installation process for digital systems is easier as it uses less equipment and they also require less maintenance. One of the greatest benefits of installing digital surveillance systems is that they can be monitored remotely, which allows you to log into the security system from your laptop, tablet or mobile device and view live streams or watch previous footage that has been archived.
  1. Create more spaces to protect valuables

    Valuables should not be left in sight, especially when closing up for the day. Therefore, to reduce the chances of break-ins occurring, ensure that all valuable documents and any cash that is left on the property is stored in a fireproof and secure safe. There should be restrictions on the number of people who know the combination to the safe, and the combination should be changed regularly. During the day, items such as wallets, purses and keys should be left in a cabinet instead of leaving them unsupervised.
  1. Have more lighting

    The use of lighting assists in reducing crime as it serves as a deterrent. Lights can also assist in making employees feel safe, especially when it is dark during the evening. One of the best lights that you can consider investing in for your business are smart lights. These lights can be programmed according to your business’ schedule, switching on when your business opens and turning off at the end of the business day.

    These lights can be programmed from the system all which allows you to control the lights from wherever you are. They can also be programmed to switch on in response to different events such as when a motion sensor is triggered or when someone opens a door.
  1. Screen all guests

    You should not allow any uninvited or unannounced guests to enter your office premises. You have strict policies regarding the management of guests. One system that works is an ID badge system as it supplies each guest with a guest badge whenever they are in the building. This assists in keeping track of the people who choose to enter the building for whatever reason. If there are any unwanted guests, then the receptionist could ensure that they are escorted off the property.
  1. Make use of alarm systems

    Alarm systems like security cameras offer the added value of being able to discourage any criminal activity that might occur on your business’ premises. However, their main function is to automatically deter perimeter breaches as well as notify your private security company who would be able to respond quickly and in a professional manner. Installing an alarm system also assists in reducing insurance costs which could help in saving costs while having the benefit of preventing theft.


It is essential to constantly find ways to improve the security of your offices. Through the suggestions offered above, you will be able to ensure that your offices are as secure as they possibly can be.

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