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Do It Yourself security?

One of the questions Trellidor people get asked quite frequently is ‘why can’t I just give you the size of my door/window so that you can give me a price and I can install it myself, the good old DIY way?’

Well, it’s a bit like buying shoes on the internet. A hit and miss affair where you aren’t quite sure what you’re going to get and whether or not it will fit as snugly as it should. And unlike shoes, you can’t send the security gate back for a refund.

You can buy security gates and burglar guards from DIY hardware stores, and many people do. It’s absolutely fine to do this as long as you know exactly what you’re buying.

DIY security gates or burglar bars installed with normal household tools are very unlikely to have the strength of custom-made ones. They will just act as a warning sign to potential home-invaders. They don’t offer any serious resistance to a hard kick or a bashing by a garden spade.

To have any chance of warding off a serious attack it’s best to go for a security barrier that is purpose made for the opening instead of choosing a DIY option.

The advantages are:

  • The barrier will be designed with your home’s unique security risk profile in mind.
  • It will be custom-measured and manufactured for best fit in the doorway or window space.
  • It will be fitted by a trained technician with customised tools that are unavailable to the general public. So it will be difficult for intruders to remove.
  • The barrier will be fitted into the substrate around the opening with specialised screws. It is not just screwed into the wooden window frame where it is easily pushed out, like DIY products.
  • The barrier will be covered by the company’s warranties.
  • A reputable manufacturer will provide after-sales service on products they’ve manufactured and installed themselves.

For all these reasons, Trellidor franchises and head office don’t keep a stock-pile of ready-made security gates and burglar proofing. 

Every single barrier is specially designed and installed for your door or window. This gives you the best chance of keeping those criminals out.

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