No Recognition Expected for Helping After Robbery

Trellidor head office recently received a wonderful letter from a Richards Bay resident.  It highlighted the assistance Trellidor Richards Bay gave to a local resident without expecting any accolades.  The writer felt that the franchise owners deserved recognition for what they do behind the scenes.

Here is her story:


Sometimes, people do things without anyone knowing about it, but the end result is that people get to hear about it for the right reasons. 


Recently I was privileged to find out that our local Trellidor dealer had donated and installed Trellidor security to an elderly less fortunate woman, who is bed ridden due to ill-health, and was recently robbed while in bed. Trellidor Richards Bay came to her assistance and secured her bedroom within a day of finding out about her ordeal. It was done with discretion without anyone knowing about it.


I felt it important to bring this to your attention as I doubt they will ever get the recognition for what they do behind the scene.



Caroline Stevens


No-one at Trellidor head office knew about this kind deed but since receiving Caroline’s letter we’ve established what happened.

Safe zone

The lady that was robbed is confined to bed so when someone broke into the bedroom next to hers, she had no way of escaping and no time to alert anyone about it.  The robber came into her bedroom to steal what he could.  He made a point of intimidating her and instilling fear by deliberately climbing over her while she lay there helpless.  He took her TV set and cell phone and left.


When Heather and Andre Oosthuizen, the owners of Trellidor Richards Bay, heard about the incident they reacted immediately.  At no cost, they created a safe zone for her by installing a Trellidor Retractable security gate at her bedroom door and also on her bedroom window.  She is now fully protected inside her bedroom when on her own at home.

The burglar proofing on the window can open up and be used as a way of getting out of the house if robbers break into another part of the home or if there is a fire.

The lady’s son was immensely grateful to Heather and Andre, saying I owe you big time!  He was also very appreciative of the fact that they stayed with his mother throughout the fitting of the security barriers.

No thanks necessary

We didn’t do this for praise and that is why we didn’t tell anyone about it. We were just glad that we were in a position to help someone that was very vulnerable and traumatised, said Heather.

the ultimate crime barrier

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