New Photo Voltaic Solar Panels at Trellidor Factory Reduce Energy Footprint for Future Generations

Security grille manufacturer Trellidor has taken active steps to reduce its energy needs through a four million Rand ($270 000) investment in Photo-Voltaic solar panels.

“We have installed a grid tied system to reduce our demand on Eskom, the South African public utility company that supplies electricity countrywide. It is our contribution to a more sustainable world for future generations,” said Trellidor Engineering Manager Tim Campbell.

The country has an energy resource base dominated by non-renewable, greenhouse gas generating fossil fuels and a recent history of frequent power outages. With year-round sunshine, however, it is the ideal place for cleaner energy options such as the solar panels installed at the Trellidor manufacturing plant.

The Trellidor head office and factory in Durban is perfectly positioned to make use of sunshine beating down on its extensive roof. The move towards cleaner power required the installation of 673 solar panels which cover an area of 1487m² and generate 493 MWh per year.  The panels now contribute 30 percent of the plant’s energy needs.

“This project represents our most significant investment into sustainable manufacturing at our plant and is a clear indication that as the Trellidor Group we are serious about doing our part in working towards the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations,” said Trellidor Group Chief Financial Officer Damian Judge.

The system was designed and installed by Energy Partners Solar, who list blue-chip clients such as Pioneer Foods and the Netcare Hospital Group on their website.

“We will recoup the financial investment in this project in about six years, but the biggest return for us is the reduction in our reliance on fossil fuels,” said Tim.

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