New Locks For Trellidor Security Gates

New locks for Trellidor sliding security gates

We’ve always used new technology to make sure our Trellidor sliding security gate locks are the strongest available. And our new-generation locks are the strongest ever.

The obvious question is why would our Trellidor Retractable gates need new locks? 

The answer is that security gates fitted with our old locks are still one of the strongest on the market.  But we’re always searching for better ways to secure our customers and the new locks take security gate integrity up several notches.

Here are the reasons why we’re so excited about the new Trellidor locks:

  • The new lock cylinder is shorter than the old one. So it doesn’t protrude out of the lock stile. 
  • The neater lock cylinder doesn’t get in the way of door or window handles. So it’s no longer necessary to fit half cylinders where space is tight.  We can fit a complete lock that is accessible from both sides if required.
  • Each lock has a unique number code on the Trellidor security card that is kept by the client.  This significantly improves the gate’s security quotient because only the authorised owner can order a new key. 
  • Each gate is supplied with a branded box containing a security card with the lock’s unique number.  The security card is labelled according to which door or window in your home the gate protects, e.g. front door. You can easily match the code to the relevant security gate when new keys are required.
  • Only Trellidor or authorised locksmiths with the correct blanks can produce a new key if they are supplied the key to be copied.  This solves the problem of locks being replaced due to keys being stolen or copied by unscrupulous employees.
  • The new locks are more attack-proof than ever. They have an anti-drill pin that is very hard to find and breach; a flat key that has to be computer-cut; and 6-pin technology.
  • Each security gate is supplied with three keys and more can be ordered through Trellidor.
  • The new locks have the same ease-of-use properties of our old locks. One key inserted in a single key hole locks the gate in several places in the lock stile, making it difficult for intruders to find an area to breach.

Which barriers will be fitted with the new-technology locks?

All Trellidor Retractable T700, T800 and T900 security gates for doors and windows are being fitted with the new locks. 

There is good news for customers that have already had these products fitted to their homes.Your local Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor can fit your Trellidor Retractable security gates with the new locks at a reasonable cost. 

Just give them a call or visit your local Trellidor showroom to see the locks fitted to sample gates.

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