More Choices Than Ever Before For Window Security

More choices than ever before for window security

Window burglar bars are no longer an optional extra thanks to rising house robberies in many areas, but at least you now have a choice of styles. Take a look at this wide range of options available from Trellidor.

Trellidor Clear Guard for uninterrupted views

These aluminium windows are protected by sliding Trellidor Clear Guard security screens. The screen frame has been powder coated to match the windows so that the two layers of security are visually seamless. The security barrier slides open for easy cleaning and can be locked up again afterwards. The mesh insert is see-through so that the peaceful view is clearly visible without compromising on safety.

Fixed window pane/opening window combinations

Many windows are a combination of a fixed (non-opening) pane of glass and smaller windows that can be opened. Quite often only the opening windows are protected by burglar bars, but in this age of nifty tools available on the internet and in-store to cut glass with it’s important to protect the whole window. Trellidor Clear Guard sliding units can be custom-made to fit the entire window without looking in the least bit cluttered.

Trellidor Cottage Guard for contemporary homes

Mixed materials are the order of the day in new homes and products like Trellidor Cottage Guard work well in this building style. These burglar bars have been powder coated in trendy black to match the windows, contrasting beautifully with the brick exterior and white interior finishings. And in addition to looking good, Cottage Guard burglar proofing is one of the strongest products on the market, providing excellent resistance under attack by home invaders.

Trellidor Retractable for windows

Trellidor Retractable security gates are usually found on doors, but they’re equally suitable for protecting windows. This product is highly visible to anyone approaching the home, so is a great deterrent to would-be robbers. It can be custom-made to fit just about any size window and powder coated in a colour of your choice. The unit can be kept locked to keep out intruders but can also slide open for window cleaning, repainting of recesses or as an emergency escape through the window.

Also take a look at the budget-friendly Trellidor Burglar Guard range and the see-through Trellidor Poly Guard option, as well as Trellidor Fixed Security, which is similar to Trellidor Retractable security gates but doesn’t open.

For a complete lock-down of your home look no further than Trellidor Rollerstyle. These roller shutters can be automated and remote controlled and are suitable protection for windows as well as doors.

In making your choice of window protection it’s advisable to visit your nearest Trellidor showroom where all these products are on display, making it easy to compare them.

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