Misleading talk about Trellidor ‘plastic’ parts backfires


Misinformation about plastic parts backfires on other


Trellidor sales consultants in parts of RSA have been told by customers that some of our competitors tell them that burglars pour petrol over the plastic components of a Trellidor gate and set it on fire to get access into homes.

So it would be interesting to hear their explanation for houses that burnt down, leaving only the Trellidor security gates left standing. Trellidor head office has received photos of two houses in different parts of SA where this has occurred.

Only the Trellidor gates withstood fires

In both cases, the home was secured with Trellidor Retractable Security on windows and doors. When the houses unfortunately burned to the ground, the only structures left standing and recognisable were the Trellidor security gates.  

This indicates how misleading the misinformation given to clients is. It is irresponsible and shows that the storyteller does not have the client’s best interests at heart. People in need of protection may make poor security decisions because they don’t have the full facts.

Here are the correct facts about Trellidor Retractable Security gate components:

  • Trellidor Retractable Security gate components like wheel holders are made from Nylon 6.
  • This is a high-strength engineering polyamide.
  • It is used in airbags, wheel castors, industrial power tools, motor car parts and the aviation industry because of its superior impact performance, durability and resistance to going brittle.
  • Nylon components are long-wearing, unlike traditional steel which often needs replacing.
  • Nylon does not rust, making it better suited to corrosive areas like coastal homes.  
  • Steel-on-steel components do rust. The gates are then weakened and often need replacing.
  • Nylon provides excellent heat deflection and the ability to withstand exposure to long-term heat. This makes Trellidor gates longer lasting than most in long hot summers in South Africa.
  • Nylon components operate smoothly and with less noise. There is no steel-on-steel squeak as there is with steel components.

Responsible manufacturing

Trellidor has made use of this modern technology to the benefit of our customers.  As a responsible manufacturer of security barriers, we strive to never compromise on the safety of people that purchase our products.

We also never claim that our products are totally impenetrable, because as we all know, given enough time, the right tools and no fear of being discovered, criminals will eventually get through just about any barrier to entry.  

What we endeavour to do is to provide our customers with the best possible security within their budgets and to suit their circumstances.  

Good quality barriers on all doors and windows within a home buy occupants time to call for help or get away.  Security barriers should be one of a number of layers of crime prevention measure within a home.

Call your local Trellidor franchise for more advice on recommended security barriers for your home.

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