Lock Up and Go Lifestyle a Simple Choice

The best part about the December holiday season is the breathing space it gives us after an unbelievably difficult year. It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying in your city or travelling to some secluded location. The change in routine alone is enough to calm thoughts and blow out the cobwebs.

It’s also a time to rethink strategies that will hopefully avoid a repeat of the madness of the previous year once we start again in 2017.

Uncomplicated security measures

Part of that unrelenting madness is that we allow ourselves to over-complicate issues that should be simple and straightforward. Issues that should be adding value to our lives instead of contributing to the stress.

Personal safety and security is a biggie in this area and so is the type of protection we are looking for. So here is our take on how to make this problem less stressful in 2017.

Just get it done already

Why on earth are we still talking about what our security measures look like and how they might spoil our homes?

Physical protection is not optional in these modern, highly urbanised times. Not in South Africa and not in most other parts of the world either. So just do what you have to do.

Fit burglar proofing and security gates to all your doors and windows. It may not be a complete solution to total protection at home, but it’s the best start you’ve got in terms of keeping house robbers out.

Choose easy to use products

There are loads of different security barrier designs on the market. Trellidor has a wide range of lifestyle products designed to enhance the ambience of your home.

For most of us, though, something practical, strong and easy to use is the simplest answer, so just go with it.

Our best sellers are still trellis-style Trellidor Retractable Security gates and Fixed burglar bars. Why? Because they do the job they were designed for when used properly i.e. kept closed and locked. The gates slide open and closed easily because they’re properly engineered and the patented locks are very strong.

What’s not to like about such a simple solution?

Lock it up whether you stay or go

Use your security systems every time you leave the home unattended. And use them when you’re home too. It’s a small discipline that could be a life saver.

Teach kids and employees to do the same. Then hopefully none of you will ever be caught unawares by home invaders. It really isn’t such a hassle to lock up routinely. One just has to remember to do it. Every time.

What’s not to like?

Take a look at Trellidor Retractable security gates and see how easily they blend into your life and home. Then contact your local Trellidor franchise and get your own home protected so that you have one less stress when you get back to reality in 2017!


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