Leading Security Barriers to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Security barriers are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to beat the heat in summer. But when you’re in the middle of a heat wave or sweating it out on a long, hot day what’s the first action you take? Like most people, you probably open all your windows and doors to try and catch a breeze, no matter how small.

At night it is the same story. We all leave windows open to try to cool the house down and get some sleep. At the same time, we need to keep ourselves safe from thieves looking for an opening to take advantage of.

Here are some ideas on how to keep your house (and yourselves) cool this summer in safety.

Keep cool in your safe zone

Install burglar proofing on every window in your home plus a security gate in your passage or on your staircase. This creates a ‘whole house’ safe zone. With your security barriers closed you can open some windows for a more comfortable night.

During the day, keep your security barriers closed and locked when the windows and doors are open for airflow. This way, you won’t be ambushed by criminals that have either walked right in through unsecured doors or found an open window with no burglar proofing and crept in that way.

Consider burglar bars like Trellidor Cottage Guard, which is very strong. If robbers try to attack it to get inside, it will alert the whole neighbourhood, not just you.

Another good option is Trellidor Fixed security gates. These are just like the steel sliding gates you put on doors, but they don’t slide open. Like Cottage Guard, they are very resistant to attack, so robbers are very unlikely to get away with trying to break through them.

If these two products are out of your price range, try Trellidor Burglar Guard. They are in a more affordable price bracket but still resilient under attack.

The security gate in the passage or stairway leading into your bedroom area must be high quality with an excellent locking system. Steel or aluminium sliding gates like Trellidor Retractable security gates allow air to flow through them while keeping you safe on the other side.

Another option is Trellidor Clear Guard, which lets fresh air in through its woven mesh screen. This is a very neat, elegant security door for your passage, windows and other doors. It is not a flimsy fly screen. It is a very strong mesh, designed to provide a high level of security.

The mesh screens out some of the heat and UV rays, helping to keep temperatures down inside your home. These security screens also block out summer pests like mosquitoes, snakes, monkeys and baboons.

Even with all this physical security that is designed to stop criminals getting to you, it is advisable to set your burglar alarm at night. You will then have some warning if someone tries to get in through windows left open to relieve the heat. The more layers of security you have, the more chance you have of detecting an intruder before they get to your open windows.

An image of a Retractable Security Gate.

Create an emergency escape 

Did you know that you can install burglar bars that open on your windows? For example, Trellidor Retractable security gates are used for doors, but can also be fitted next to your windows. In an emergency, they slide open so that you can escape through the window.

Make sure you have at least one of these in your safe zone. If someone gets into your home or there is a fire, you can escape to get help. You may prefer a Trellidor Clear Guard screen on your windows or a Rollerstyle roller shutter. These can also be opened to let you out. All three of these products make window cleaning a whole lot easier too.

It is worth noting that cheap or DIY burglar bars won’t stand up to an assault as long as better quality versions. You need all the time you can get if someone tries to break in, so go for quality as far as possible. Breaking in makes quite a noise, so the longer it takes the burglar, the more chance you have of hearing the racket and calling for help.

Outdoor living safety

Patios are a weak point in our home safety systems. In summer we sit outdoors for longer, where it is more comfortable and less stuffy than indoors. Cooking out there is a far more attractive option than the steamy kitchen as the air cools a little.

Sadly, we are also more vulnerable out there too. There have been many instances where people sitting on their patios have been taken by surprise by home invaders.

To avoid this awful situation, install security barriers around your patio. There are lots of designs to choose from and they don’t have to make your home look like a jail.

  • Aluminium louvre security shutters are lovely. They look very sophisticated and the louvres can be tilted to encourage fresh air to flow inside the patio. Trellidor Louvre Shutterss are fitted with patented Trellidor locks, so keep the shutters locked with the louvres open.
  • Aluminium or steel sliding security gates work well too. You can see out to the garden and they don’t stop the breeze.
  • Clear Guard security screen doors are brilliant on patios because you can see right through them and don’t have to miss out on the view when they’re closed and locked. During the day, they block out some of the sun’s UV rays as well as some of the heat.
  • If you have windows on your patio, Poly Guard are a good option. They are cost effective, virtually invisible and don’t block any breeze that relieves the summer heat.

If you need help with sorting out your security this summer, call in your local Trellidor franchise and ask for help.  They’ll gladly assist by helping you plan your ‘safer summer’ security. They will measure all the openings, recommend products to suit your budget and give you quotes on several different options.

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