Leading Physical Security Products to Consider Post Lockdown

The national lockdown in South Africa is slowing down more than just the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is also reducing the incidence of housebreaking and home invasions, which is great news for all except the criminals. While we have this breathing space, it’s an excellent time to take a good look at your security so that you’re well prepared for whatever the post-lockdown period brings.

Here are the leading physical security products to consider for the post lockdown period, once the manufacturers open again.

Retractable Security Gates

Practical, readily available and easy to use steel or aluminium sliding security gates can be fitted to doors as well as windows.

The quality varies hugely from one manufacturer to another. DIY versions, for example, don’t offer much in the way of strength, while custom-made gates can range in strength from ‘low crime risk’ designs to others with exceptional strength for high risk locations.

Locks are another point of differentiation, so find out if the gate has an off-the-shelf lock or a patented one that makes it difficult for robbers to breach. Trellidor fits high grade locks and has a range of gate strengths to choose from.

Contact a Trellidor security expert through the virtual consultation service during lockdown or once lockdown ends, your local Trellidor franchise. They will explain the differences between the gate models and what their strengthening features are.

Fixed Security Gates

Fixed security gates don’t open, so they are better described as burglar proofing for windows. Many of these designs look similar to retractable security gates so they blend in nicely with your door security for a seamless look.

Like security gates, there is a vast range in terms of quality. Be sure to purchase a product that is strong enough to resist being kicked in or pushed out of the window, allowing robbers to get inside your home.

An image of a fixed security gate.

Louvre Shutterss

Security shutters are a beautiful alternative to burglar bars and security gates. They are usually aluminium louvres with in-built security that makes them strong and reliable. There are many similar products on the market, but not all of them offer great protection, so make sure you choose louvres that are specifically designed to protect your doors and windows.

The major advantage of security louvre shutters is that you have blinds and burglar proofing in one gorgeous product. There is no need to try and fit burglar bars and then blinds into the space next to your windows when you have one product that can do it all neatly and prettily.

Roller Shutters

When life is normal and not under lockdown conditions, do you often leave your home empty for long periods of time? If you do, then consider installing roller shutters to your external doors and your windows. When these shutters are all closed, they block out anyone trying to get inside.

A roller shutter in your passage or on the staircase creates a safe zone in your home. Consider doing this after lockdown to keep intruders out of your bedroom area. Make sure all the windows in this area have burglar proofing on them too. One of these windows should have burglar proofing that can open as an escape route in an emergency.

Trellidor Clear Guard

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are made from a stainless-steel woven mesh screen inside a neat aluminium frame. They are beautifully designed to provide a high level of see-through security for windows, doors, patios and other openings.

Clear security screens are the perfect protection for windows that have lovely views. You can see right through the mesh screen. It does not clutter up or block your view, but it does offer exceptional protection from intruders.

Poly Guard

If monkeys or baboons have been a problem for you during lockdown, trying to get inside to raid your kitchen, then take a look at Polycarbonate bars. Trellidor does a fully framed version that is very neat and strong enough to provide some security from human intruders too.

If you’re in a low crime risk location, then fit Polycarbonate bars to all your windows. Because it is almost invisible, this product is a good choice for homes in eco-estates, secure villages, golf estates and cluster housing. There can be no complaints about being non-compliant with estate rules as you can hardly see Polycarbonate bars.

Trellidor Cottage Guard

Trellidor Cottage Guard is an extremely strong cottage pane style burglar proofing. If you have cottage pane windows, this is the product for you. It can be manufactured to match the size of your cottage pane window openings, so you don’t notice the burglar bars.

Alternatively, if you have big glass windows you may want to consider Cottage Guard as a way of protecting these against a break-in like a brick being thrown through the window. The Cottage Guard creates a cottage pane effect and can be powder coated to match the window frames so that they blend in.

Trellidor Burglar Guard

Tight budget? No problem. Trellidor Burglar Guard is the solution. It is a cost-effective burglar proofing for windows that provides a more than adequate level of protection against an intrusion and is made in a selection of three different designs.

If you are securing your whole house, consider installing Trellidor Burglar Guard on less accessible windows. These could the upstairs windows in a multi-storey home or small and high windows in a single storey dwelling. You could fit these to all your windows in a low crime risk neighbourhood too.

An image of Trellidor's Burglar Guard flat bar vertical

Here is our home security checklist to get you started during the lockdown:

1 . Thoroughly assess your home security

Look critically at every opening in your home that robbers could get through. Include windows, doors, patio, garage, pool area and passage in your assessment.

Ask yourself how easy it is for an intruder to get into your home through one of these openings. Do you have adequate protection on all of them? Is your burglar proofing in good condition or could it easily be kicked or pushed out for intruders to get inside?

You don’t have to do this alone. Trellidor has a virtual consultation service where you can call in an expert for help. They will do this for free, so take advantage and get an appointment now.

2. Develop a security plan for after lockdown 

Have a plan to put into action after lockdown. For example, you may have security gates on all your exterior doors, but none on your windows. Do some online research or contact the Trellidor virtual consultation service. Use our list above to help you find products that appeal to you to protect your home.

This will save time once lockdown is over and there is a rush to get orders into manufacturers for a quick installation.

Securing every opening in a home is an expensive business, so another useful idea is to talk to your Trellidor security expert about fitting a range of products in terms of price.  Less expensive products can be selected for inaccessible openings and higher quality, more expensive products can be chosen for doors and windows that are likely to be broken into.

If you can’t afford to fit barriers to every door and window, consider creating a safe zone in your home.  A safe zone is usually the bedroom area, fully secured with barriers on all windows and doors.  It creates a buffer between you and home invaders, giving you time to escape or call for help.  The lockdown is the perfect time to see where and how you could do this.

3. Choose your home security products

Our area of expertise is physical security barriers, but it is important that you have several layers of different types of security in and around your home. This gives you the best chance of keeping criminals out.

Here are some pointers to consider while you have the time at home:

  • A high fence with lockable gates is preferable to a solid wall as it provides better visibility. Your patrolling security officer, if you have one, can see into your property more easily and this is a deterrent to thieves.
  • The areas around the perimeter of your property should be clear of bushes, overhanging branches and other hiding places.
  • All outer doors should have security gates with sturdy locks.
  • Gates should be kept locked at all times and keys should not be left lying around where they’re easily accessible.
  • An intercom system between the home and gate, front door or garage is recommended.
  • All windows should have burglar proofing covering them.
  • An alarm system connected to an armed response service provider is always a good choice.
  • A few panic buttons in different rooms of the house give you peace of mind.
  • Lights outside directed away from the house to light up potential intruders should be installed.  By facing them away from the house you can see anyone approaching from the perimeter.
  • Tools like axes, spades and ladders that could be used in an attack should be locked away when you’re not using them. If you leave them lying around, they make a break-in easier for criminals.

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