Keeping Wildlife at Bay in Zambia


Security grilles are not used just to keep criminals out. They have other benefits you may not have thought of. Zambia, known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’ is a relatively safe country crime-wise. So here, security like Clear Guard is mainly used to keep the wild animals out of homes in the bush.

This story from the local Trellidor office shows how useful Clear Guard security screens are in bush lodges, resorts and private homes on wildlife estates.

Protection for people and animals

Trellidor Zambia Sales Consultant Lesa Tobo of Trellidor Zambia was part of the team that worked on the beautiful Chaminuka Wildlife Estates project. She tells us about their involvement in terms of security.

“Chaminuka Nature Reserve is about 25 minutes drive from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport outside Lusaka in Zambia. It is a gated residential development within the Chaminuka Nature Reserve.

The reserve has four different habitats and 76 species of wildlife including the Big Five. It has been established over a period of 40 years, with indigenous plants and trees replacing what used to be tobacco and cattle farm land.

Being a wild life estate and nature reserve, there are strict guidelines for any security installed in the homes. The developer specified that security measure must not disturb the natural surroundings but still had to offer an acceptable level of protection for the people living there.

Burglar bars are not allowed on this estate. Wire fencing around houses is also not permitted, as the animals must be free to roam. This is why our Trellidor Clear Guard is ideal for these homes. To date, it is still the only approved security system allowed on the estate.

Clear Guard the perfect solution

Trellidor Clear Guard does not look like a security barrier so it is highly acceptable from a design point of view. Each Clear Guard unit is custom-made to fit the door or window. It has a discreet alumnium frame. Inside the frame is a woven stainless steel mesh insert.

This mesh panel is very strong, so it provides a high level of protection. It is also see-through, so you can see the peaceful bush surroundings and any passing animals very clearly. 

From the outside, Clear Guard’s mesh screen ensures that the animals cannot see through it when moving past the house. This means that they won’t be disturbed by people in the house.

A image of the Zambia Chaminuka Wildlife Estate

The screen also protects the family inside the home because snakes, spiders and wild animals can’t get through the woven steel mesh that makes up the screen.

At the time of writing, we had already secured one of the homes on the estate. We installed 16 Clear Guard units to the doors and windows. This is the first of 250 homes planned for the 10 000 acre estate.

Judging by how pleased our client and the developer are, we’re confident that Clear Guard has become the benchmark for houses on the estate and we’ll securing more homes there.

What was really interesting for us is that this was the first time we did a Clear Guard installation requiring beams and we faced several challenges. We received huge support from the Trellidor International team, and a Durban-based Field Technical Consultant flew to Lusaka to give us advice on everything from measuring to ordering and installation.

Our Trellidor Zambia team worked tirelessly to produce a neat and secure installation, travelling over an hour from our office each day to get to site.

This has been the biggest single contract since 2007 for Trellisecure Trading Zambia. Due to the great team effort, we look forward to larger orders than this in the near future.”

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