Keeping Kids Safe At Home In The Holidays

Working parents safety tips for children home for the holidays

The summer school holidays are a carefree time for most kids. But for parents still at work it can be a nightmare even if there’s someone at home looking after them. Make this less of a headache with these ideas from Trellidor.

Safety tips for the holidays

  • Emergency contact list Keep this next to the phone and in your children’s cell phones.
  • Panic buttons within reach of children are also useful. But stress they’re for extreme circumstances only.
  • Stranger danger When your kids are home for the holidays make sure they and their minder know the stranger danger drill. They must phone you to check visitors credentials before they open the door to strangers. Visitors can wait outside until you confirm its okay to let them in.
  • Reschedule repairman visits Make these for when you’re home,not during children’s holidays. This applies even if you’ve used the company before.  Perpetrators of crime are sometimes people you think you know.
  • Everyone’s best friend Encourage your children to be aware of your dogs’ behaviour. Barking is often the first warning that intruders are around.  Allow your dogs into your home so that they know what they’re protecting.
  • Danger zones Keep garages and storage facilities locked, especially if you store dangerous items there. In high rise blocks of flats, fit safety barriers to windows and balconies to prevent children from accidentally falling out.
  • Create a safe zone  Fit security barriers on doors, windows and the passage. Include sliding security barriers on one window as an emergency escape route. Before the holidays, have practice runs with the family and child minders in using this area if robbers get into your home.


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