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Door and window security is an essential part of any home safety plan. If you’re going to spend money making your home safer, why not choose barriers that do more than just protect you from criminals? Choose multi-purpose products that ensure you get great value for money. Trellidor has several designs that provide security plus added value.

Cooler rooms with Clear Guard

Trellidor Clear Guard is a security screen that does more than protect doors and windows from a break-in attempt. The mesh screen also blocks out the worst of the summer heat and helps to keep rooms cooler. It minimises the fading effect of harmful UV rays on soft furnishings.

Wrap around glass sliding doors make the most of a home’s view and let you enjoy the changing seasons. But they can also make a room very hot. If you fit Trellidor Clear Guard sliding doors alongside the glass doors, you can protect yourself from intruders without spoiling your treasured view. Plus they help keep the summer heat and winter cold at bay. 

Another function of Clear Guard screens is keeping insects, snakes, baboons and monkeys out of homes. This has made the screens popular in areas where malaria is a problem due to mosquitoes. The screens have become popular in coastal cities and towns, where baboons and monkeys get into homes, causing tremendous damage.  

Clear Guard is an elegant security barrier that fits right in to any style of home. They don’t look like any security barrier you’ve seen before. Because they are so discreet, Trellidor Clear Guard units have been fitted into homes in secure estates, where conventional burglar proofing is banned.

Clear Guard screens can be custom-made in many different formats so that they work seamlessly alongside your doors and windows. The fact that the screens are see-through is the main reason that people with homes that have excellent views choose this product to keep them safe.

Multi-purpose protection with Roller Shutters

Preserving lovely views is also a reason for using Rollerstyle rolling shutters to protect homes. Homeowners often ask for lock-down protection that does not block the view that attracted them to their home in the first place.

With Trellidor Rollerstyle you get this high level of protection at the touch of a button without completely blocking the view of the outside. During the day when you want to enjoy your view, open the shutters completely. They roll up into a neat shutter box, revealing the outside.

When you want to lock up at night, bring down the shutters using your remote control or wall mounted control panel. The shutters lock down the premises to keep you safe while sleeping.

Holiday homes that are left unoccupied for long periods of time or urban homes with owners that travel frequently are ideal locations for Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters.

This is an excellent product to install in a passage or on a staircase to create a safe zone inside your home. It is also perfect for homes in high crime areas.

Aluminium roller shutters from the Trellidor Rollerstyle range are ideal for changeable coastal conditions. They can be used to block out constantly changing weather. This provides protection from the hazards that come with bad weather, from slippery tiles due to rain or humidity to high heat damaging patio furniture. The shutters exted the use of veranda, even when the winds would usually make sitting on the veranda too unpleasant.

The bonus is that aluminium shutters handle the corrosive coastal conditions better than other materials.

For more information on our versatile Trellidor Clear Guard and Trellidor Rollerstyle ranges, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise and visit their showroom or they’ll meet you on site to provide you with more information.



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