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Trellidor head office has sponsored The Sunflower Fund for 12 years and participates in the annual Ball that they organise to raise funds for this very important cause.  The Sunflower Fund is a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa. They are dedicated to creating awareness through education and raising funds to cover tissue-type testing for the recruitment of blood stem cell donors.

The fund’s website notes that those that attend the event are in effect helping to pay for the recruitment of new blood stem cell donors.  Donors offer the hope of life to patients diagnosed with life-threatening blood diseases like leukaemia, and are in need of a blood stem cell transplant from an unrelated matching donor.Read more (https://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/12th-annual-sunflower-fund-charity-ball-11-may-2018/)

The tissue typing of each donor currently costs The Sunflower Fund R3000 per test, so monetary donations are as critical as blood donations.  There is lots of fear surrounding becoming a blood stem cell donor, so it’s a good idea to visit the FAQ page of The Sunflower Funds’ website (https://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/about-us-parent/get-educated-faqs/) and see that there is nothing to be afraid of.  After reading through the explanations of how it all works, perhaps consider becoming a donor and increasing the fund’s database.

This year, Trellidor sponsored a table at The Sunflower Fund Ball held in Durban in May at the Southern Sun Elangeni Hotel.  Trellidor also sponsored a cash donation of R20 000 to assist with increasing The Sunflower Fund donor register.

At Trellidor we believe that everyone has the right to be safe. As manufacturers of security products we see this from a personal safety perspective, but it also extends to our health.  That is why we support The Sunflower Fund in KZN and have done for so many years.

We value our relationship with this vital cause and its committed organisers and contribute towards their drive to increase the bone marrow donor registry in South Africa wherever we can, said Trellidor Marketing and Sales Director Peter Rawson.

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