It’s Nearly Summer, So Make Sure You Enjoy Outdoors Safely

Enjoy summer living with Trellidor Rollerstyle, neatly tucked away

Use our interesting door and window ideas to make the most of summer 2013, which isn’t far off now even though some parts of the country are still shivering. We have burglar bars, roller shutter doors, clear security bars, expanding gates and screens for windows that won’t cramp your indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Expanding gates and screens for windows let the outdoors in

After the miserable winter that Cape Town and other areas have experienced, we really need to open up our homes to sunshine and fresh air, but without letting criminals in too. Products like Trellidor Clear Guard security screens let you open your windows and doors without exposing yourself to danger.

Closed and locked security screens keep out nasty surprises but allow in some light and fresh air. They also help to block out excessive heat, strong winds, dust and sand while giving you clear views of the sunny outdoors.

More traditional security products like expanding gates can also work to your advantage in summer Open up your doors but keep your expanding gates closed and locked. They’ll let in a welcome breeze as well as sunlight, but prevent intruders from getting inside.

Make it safe to spread out onto the patio

Many South African homes have verandas that are an extension of the living area, with big cosy couches, outdoors cooking facilities and sometimes a bar area. These areas need to be protected from opportunistic theft, and there are lots of options to choose from.

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens can be made to match the operation of any doors and windows you have in this area. For example, if you have bi-fold glass doors here, your security screens will also be designed to operate as bi-folds.

Trellidor Retractable expanding gates are also a good option here because even when closed and locked, you can see through them to the garden or sea view beyond them. They don’t block out air and light either.

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters are another solution. They lock down the patio when closed and when open, they reveal the full extent of your view. On days when the weather isn’t so good, close the shutters and enjoy outdoor living in a snug, protected area.

Keep the conversation going through security screens for windows

There’s no need to be cooped up alone in the kitchen with your family and guests sunning themselves outside while you prepare the meal. Install security screens to your kitchen windows so that you can open them up to the outdoor entertainment area and join in the conversation while you work. Windows like this also function as a very convenient serving hatch.

Trellidor has a number of products that open windows up to the outdoors. Trellidor Clear Guard screens can be made to match your windows, opening in exactly the same way, so if you have a sliding window, the screen will be designed to slide open too. The same applies to French, sash, awning or any other window type.

Trellidor Retractable Security for windows is trellis-style burglar proofing that can slide open exactly like an expanding security gate. It stacks neatly to the side until you need to close up again.

Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters are another good option as they slide up into a shutter box to open up the window completely. You won’t feel at all cut off from the fun outside. Bring down the shutters at the end of the day to close up and secure the house.

View installations of these indoor/outdoor security barriers on the Trellidor website.

Summer Living with Trellidor Retractable

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