Is this the longest Trellidor burglar gate?

Trellidor Retractable security gates are not just for homes. They are often the product of choice to secure shop fronts. These commercial installations require high quality gates in extra-large sizes and it takes a lot of skill and expertise to fit them so that they open and close smoothly.

Trellidor Pretoria East fitted a 60 metre long Trellidor Retractable Security burglar gate at the entrance of a retail outlet in a shopping mall. This was quite some achievement when you realise that this equates to securing about 75 average size front doors, side by side.

It is one of the longest Trellidor burglar gates the franchise has installed. Trellidor franchises are well-known for taking on challenging contracts. The Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 sliding steel security gates that we installed in four London Underground train stations each weighed 50kg/m² but can be easily opened and closed by the average person. 

Burglar gates for commercial properties

Trellidor franchises in RSA and around the world provide security for national retail outlets with burglar gates and bars that fit the profile of each business.

Sometimes these projects require a combination of products, such as:

Retailers in shopping centres use burglar gates to close up their premises after hours or during an emergency and often choose Trellidor Retractable Security trellis gates.

These gates are cost effective, easy to operate and long-lasting. They’re also usually just a few metres long, but every now and then the local Trellidor franchise is required to fit a much longer security door.

The Metro outlet at Silver Lakes shopping centre in Pretoria was one such installation. This is where Trellidor Pretoria East installed the 60 metre long Trellidor Retractable Security burglar gate. 

Sales Consultant Ruan Ras says it is a single span (in one long row), 10 door flexi-unit that weighs a full ton.

The burglar gates were fitted to the exit behind the tills and they are used to either open the full length of tills or just the tills in use, blocking off any that are not required at the time.

The team also installed a 6 metre long Trellidor burglar gate at the outlet’s entrance. It does an excellent job of protecting this part of the store, but its size pales into insignificance next to the giant exit door.

For health and safety reasons, the bottom track of these gates has to be recessed into the floor so that it doesn’t create a tripping hazard. It was quite an exercise cutting the track for the 60 metre security gate into the floor tiles.

The burglar doors were all installed by Martin Bornman and Frans Mokwetle of Trellidor Pretoria East. It is an incredible job and the gate looks very impressive when closed to protect the premises after hours.


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