Invisible strength: 3 ways Poly Guard blends style and security 

Poly Guard polycarbonate bars are fitted next to windows for the safety of people living inside the home. They are popular in all types of homes in South Africa because they are virtually invisible. From coastal homes in Cape Town to highveld homes in Gauteng, they keep out human intruders, monkeys, and baboons. Here are three ways in which they enhance the style of home while also improving security.

1. Virtually Invisible

South African homes are often full of light and sunshine. Even high-rise blocks of apartments in cities have sunlight streaming through the windows. Bright sunny rooms lift our spirits and make us feel better about life. So no matter how big or small these windows are, many don’t want to darken them with metal burglar bars if they don’t have to. 

However, no matter where you live, the safety of people living in the home is a concern due to the high crime rate. Without window protection, we never feel really safe. Our fear usually concerns human intruders, but monkeys and baboons can also create havoc if they get into our homes through unprotected windows.

The solution, therefore, is to fit some type of burglar proofing to our windows. There are many different options, but few can rival polycarbonate bars prices. They are available at reasonable prices that most of us can afford. They may not provide enough protection for homes in high crime risk zones. But they are perfect for homes in other areas. 

Homes that can be well protected by polycarbonate burglar bars include upstairs apartments, homes in secure estates and gated communities, and even the upper floor windows in free-standing homes. It is a good idea to install products like Poly Guard as a precautionary measure in homes with many layers of protection such as alarms, cameras, and motion sensor lights. 

The clear polycarbonate panels allow in more than enough light to create a happy environment within the home. They are UV-resistant and don’t yellow with age either, so they won’t look old and tatty over time, bringing down the tone of your home. 

Once fitted, Poly Guard burglar bars. are barely noticeable. They don’t spoil your carefully thought-out décor and colour scheme, but they do provide the protection you need. 

2. Beautifully Strong

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic and is stronger than it looks. There are several types with varying chemical structures. Each is engineered for a different purpose, but all are strong, tough, and lightweight. 

These properties make transparent polycarbonate panels or bars ideal for use as window bars. Many companies in South Africa install polycarbonate bars as burglar proofing. They are often sold as a pack of single bars that are fixed to the window frame. This form of installation can lead to a messy finish that doesn’t quite fit in with your décor.

Poly Guard is unusual in that it is a polycarbonate product with a full, four-sided frame. 

The purpose of the frame is to make the polycarbonate bar unit stronger under attack by either humans or animals. The polycarbonate bars are fitted into the frame. This prevents criminals from tampering with the fixings, adding more security to the burglar bars. 

The Poly Guard frame is made from extruded aluminium. It can be powder coated in any colour that suits your style. Some homeowners prefer the frame to match the colour of the window frames. Others prefer a strong statement colour. Still others choose a neutral colour that blends into the background.

Another benefit of the frame is that it creates a neat, seamless burglar bar installation. It is attached to the wall surrounding the window. The frame and polycarbonate panels merge with the window frame and glass panes, and you hardly know the burglar proofing is there.

3. Customisable

Every Poly Guard polycarbonate burglar bar unit is made to measure. This is to make sure that the burglar bars fit tightly into the space so that it is strong and seamless. There is nothing worse than burglar bars that fit badly, irritating you every time you glance at them. Ill-fitting burglar bars are also weaker than customised ones. They don’t provide the level of protection you expect.

As mentioned, you can choose the colour of your Poly Guard frame. The most popular colours are white, aluminium, and charcoal, but there are many others to choose from. The right colour ensures that the Poly Guard units complement your home, offering both style and security.

The colour powder coating applied to the aluminium frame provides a smooth, high-quality, long-lasting finish. The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances the corrosion and UV resistance of the frame. This makes Poly Guard ideal for coastal and inland conditions. 

The gaps between the polycarbonate panels can be adjusted to your preference. This is to accommodate window handles and other hardware. Of course, the gaps can’t be too big, or they’d become unsafe. Big gaps don’t stop monkeys from getting inside your home and making a mess either but there is some flexibility in terms of a safe width between the gaps. 


In summary, Poly Guard burglar bars are transparent, strong, and tailored to your requirements. They provide protection against human intruders, monkeys and baboons that try to get into homes through windows. Poly Guard is perfect for estate homes, places with peripheral security of other types, and for people that do not want metal burglar proofing blocking their outlook at home. Find out more about Poly Guard

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