Invisible security bars perfect for town-houses

Polycarbonate bars ideal for low crime risk windows

Invisible Polycarbonate bars make great window security barriers for town-houses. They’re hardly noticeable and highly suitable for homes where the risk of a break-in is not high.

Framed vs unframed

There are different types of these bars on the market, many of them really only suitable for keeping out monkeys and baboons.  The Trellidor version, called Trellidor Poly Guard, is an upgraded design with a frame for increased security.

This full, four-sided frame makes Trellidor Polycarbonate burglar bars stronger under attack than Polycarbonate panels simply fixed into the window frame.

Competitor products do not have this frame.  Without a frame, the Polycarbonate strips are more easily kicked or pushed out from around the window frame where they are screwed in, giving intruders easy access to your home.

Because the frame is made from extruded aluminium, Trellidor Polycarbonate bar units have a neat, corrosion resistant finish.

Tamper resistant

Trellidor Poly Guard units are fixed into the substrate surrounding the window. This provides more strength and resistance to attack than the more common method of attaching the Polycarbonate strips to the window frame.

We also install these units using fixings that are difficult for intruders to access or remove.

Relative strength

See-through Polycarbonate bars are not as strong as traditional steel trellis-style burglar proofing like Trellidor Fixed or Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars.

This means that this type of burglar proofing should only be used in low to medium security risk locations.    

Here are some ideal locations for Trellidor Poly Guard burglar bars:

  • Estate homes and others where looks count and security has to be unobtrusive.
  • Low crime risk locations such as hard to reach windows, upper storey windows or homes in secure estates.
  • Windows in low risk locations with lovely views that you don’t want to block with steel or aluminium burglar proofing.
  • Windows in areas where monkeys or baboons have become a pest.

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