How You Can Customise Cottage Guard Bars to Suit Your Home

Cottage pane style burglar bars for windows don’t have to be a badly fitted ‘one size fits all’ option. They can be customised for each window, which makes them an excellent choice for homes that need high quality protection from crime. Here is how you can make them your own.


Cottage Guard features you can change

1. Gap size

You can specify the size of the gaps you want in these burglar bars. The most appealing size is usually one that matches the size of the glass panels in your cottage pane windows. This makes the Cottage Guard burglar bars invisible from the outside of your home. A point to remember here is that the gap sizes must be within what is accepted by your insurance company if you are insured.

Even if you don’t have insurance, it is still wise to keep the gaps small enough to prevent a tiny person from getting through them. Burglars sometimes use children to get through small spaces and into a home. This is also a safety concern for your own children as you don’t want them to be able to squeeze through the gaps either.


2. Paint colour

You are not restricted to white burglar bars. Trellidor burglar bars can be made in any colour you prefer. The most cost-effective option is to choose one of the colours in the Trellidor colour palette, but you can also pay an additional cost for a special colour that is not on the palette.

The Trellidor palette features two standard colours: White & Matt Bronze. These are the most popular colours. There are six non-standard colours that are suited to modern homes, and these are: Sand, Matt Beige Grey, Matt Aluminium, Matt Charcoal, Matt Black, and Matt Stone Grey.


3. Mix and Match Security

Cottage Guard is made for windows and the only configuration is a fixed panel, fitted to any type of window. It can be combined with any security barrier style you choose for your doors. The different burglar bar and door security designs can be powder coated in the same matching colour for visually seamless protection.


4. Cottage Pane Effect

Cottage Guard is an exceptionally strong burglar bar unit for windows. So even if you don’t have cottage pane windows, you may still want to have these burglar bars fitted in your home. They will create a cottage pane effect that works well with large expanses of glass and keeps them safe from a break-in attempt.

One area that people forget to protect, or perhaps feel don’t need protecting, is the large, fixed window pane between windows that open. These large panes are easy for robbers to break through with glass cutters or a brick thrown at the right angle. Cottage Guard burglar bars are the ideal security barrier for this type of window pane because even if robbers manage to smash the glass, they will struggle to get past the burglar bars.



The Cottage Guard features that you don’t want to change

1. High strength

The main benefit of Cottage Guard is that it is one of the strongest burglar bar designs on the market. If you are looking for something that can resist an attack for longer than other burglar bars, then this the best burglar bar product available. It is made with square aluminium tubing, reinforced with a threaded steel rod through the centre of each tube. It provides exceptional protection from criminal attack.


2. Fully framed unit

Some burglar bars are semi-framed with a frame on two sides. Some have no frame, and the bars are attached to the window frame. And some, like Cottage Guard, have a full, four-sided frame. A full frame is the strongest type. It provides strength and stability to the unit. Fully framed burglar bars are better able to resist a determined attack by burglars using weapons like a hammer or crowbar to try to break through the bars.



3. Custom-made to fit

Custom-made burglar bars like Cottage Guard will always provide better protection that off-the-shelf burglar proofing. This is because a made-to-measure unit will fit the space far more tightly than a ready-made one.

Cottage Guard is installed by professional technicians with the expertise to ensure the unit provides the strength under attack that you need. It is attached to the wall surrounding the window using tamper-proof fixings. This makes it exceedingly difficult for robbers to remove or damage the burglar proofing. Other burglar bar types are simply fixed to the window frame, which is not the most secure installation.



4. Corrosion resistant

Corrosion and rust can be a problem because they weaken burglar bars and make them easier to break through. There are three important ways that Cottage Guard is protected against corrosion. Firstly, during the manufacturing process at the Trellidor factory, the burglar bars are put through a special anti-corrosion process before they are powder coated. Secondly, the powder coating adds another layer of protection against corrosion. And thirdly, Cottage Guard burglar bars are installed without welding, so there are no weak points for corrosion to set in.



What this means is that Cottage Guard is a dependable burglar-proofing design that can be installed to protect windows in any environment, even at the coast.

In conclusion, there are very few burglar bar designs that can compete with Cottage Guard in terms of strength under attack and in ways to customise them to suit your home. If you want to find out more about them, contact your local Trellidor outlet for more information or get more information here

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